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    Mahindra Thar 5 Door – A Powerful Beast under the Hood

    The Mahindra Thar SUV is adding more doors to boost its popularity, as evidenced by the growing buzz around the impending launch of the grand Mahindra Thar 5 door, tipped as the perfect vehicle for adventure tours. Mahindra fans and car enthusiasts following the flight of the Thar first introduced in 2010 know very well the legacy that the car is carrying.  The jeep-inspired off-roader became an instant hit on launch as the rugged build and proven design became an instant hit with the masses that could not stop loving the immense appeal and usefulness of the new generation car. As the appeal of Thar keeps growing through the years, let us figure out what to expect from the new and bigger car that awaits a grand launch anytime soon in 2024.

    The Mahindra Thar 5 door – What to Expect

    The 5 door Thar retains the basic design elements to gain the confidence of fans who find the appeal of the retro-looks irresistible. The new car will have a fixed hard-top body style with flared wheel arches and rounded headlamps duly complemented by the spare wheel mounted on the tailgate. What appears from the pictures floating across the internet, the 5-door vehicle will have completely new body panels. Moreover, the car is likely to get a wider track or more width between the wheels to enhance stability by optimizing the wheelbase-to-track ratio. However, one thing is for sure there will be pillar-mounted handles for the rear doors in the new car. Another safe assumption is that the design of the alloy wheels will also be new.

    Although there is no official confirmation, going by the market trend, the Mahindra Thar 5-door price will likely hover slightly above 15-lakh rupees.

    Added Features

    There will be no changes to the interior design, which would be more or less similar to the 3-door model save some small alterations, but the new car will have more features inside. Based on the leaked pictures, the car will have some cosmetic upgrades, such as a sunglass holder, a front-center armrest, and an upgraded touchscreen compatible with Mahindra Adreno X software.

    The 300 mm wheelbase of the 5-door Thar will be larger than the 3-door model to create more space in the second row than the earlier Thar model. The new car will likely have individual rear seats, as seen in the test mules that the car enthusiasts spotted at various times. However, we have to wait to see if Mahindra might like to offer a bench-seat layout.

    Multiple Power Train Options

    Mahindra will offer more power train options for the 5-door Thar as buyers can choose between the diesel and petrol variants. You can choose between a 2.2-liter diesel and a 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine paired with matching manual and automatic gearboxes. The absence of a 4×4 lever on the center console, as spotted in some pictures, indicates that there might be a 4×2 variant in the new Thar, similar to the 3-door Thar. However, the engine will be more powerful as it has to support a bigger vehicle size that weighs much more than the predecessor.

    Not a Rival of Jimny 5 Door

    Although it might be tempting to compare the 5 door Thar and Jimny 5 door, mainly because both have the same number of doors, it is better not to compare these vehicles that belong to different categories of off-roaders, at least in price and power. The Thar 5 door has a more powerful engine than Jimny’s and is even bigger with more features, which would surely be more expensive. Therefore, the Mahindra Thar 5 door price will be higher than the Jimny 5, the price of which is yet unknown. The real rivalry of the 5 door Thar will be with the Force Gurkha 5-door, which is now work-in-progress.

    The Mahindra Thar 5 door will likely have 6-speed automatic and manual transmissions with both four-wheel and rear-wheel drive options. The launch date is still under speculation as fans wait with bated breath to get a feel of the new car.

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