Renault Kiger: One of the Most Practical SUVs in the Market

    Sub-compact SUVs are the best bets for those keen on leaving behind their hatchback and starting to drive a larger vehicle that trains them to fulfill their ambition of driving a luxury vehicle someday. The Renault Kiger occupies a high rank among several choices in the sub-compact SUV category that won the hearts of car lovers with its good looks when first launched in February 2021. The vehicle’s proportionate dimensions, sharp creases, and comfortable driving experience have worked wonders for the French car brand that sold over 50,000 units till August 2022. Indeed, the number is much higher today as the SUV never ceases to thrill car enthusiasts who do not mind adding one to their fleet without a second thought. Let’s look at the reasons for the popularity of this beautiful car.

    Renault Kiger – a New Avatar of Kwid

    Regarding cars, looks matter most to create a high-impact first impression that helps to win half the battle. And the Kiger ticks the right boxes in this regard. Going by the looks, it’s the best vehicle in the sub-4-meter compact SUV segment. As the segment is growing astonishingly in India, every car manufacturer, desi and foreign, is trying to get a share of the pie. At least half a dozen car manufacturers pitch their SUVs to win over customers by creating a mark that helps them stand out from the crowd. A first glance at the Kiger might give a feeling of an improved version of the Renault Kwid, which it is, but beyond aesthetics, the Kiger is entirely different.

    A Kiger for Everyone

    The Renault Kiger price range clarifies that the company wants to ensure a Kiger for everyone. Regardless of your budget, you can only get the Renault Kiger, an automatic or manual drive in a petrol variant. The starting price of Kiger is Rs.6.50 Lacs for the base model, which goes up to Rs.11.23 Lacs ex-showroom New Delhi, covering 18 models. However, the Renault Kiger on-road price depends on the city of purchase as the tax on vehicles is different in different States.

    Specifications and Key Features

    All SUV models have a 999cc petrol engine, and the average mileage ranges between 18.24 and 20.5 km per liter, which can differ considerably depending on the driving conditions. The fuel tank capacity is 40 litres, and the boot space is 405 litres. The vehicle has an unladen ground clearance of 205mm and a wheelbase of   2500mm. The 3-door, 5-seater car is 3991mm long. The car has a 5-speed manual gearbox, an automated manual, and a CVT.

    Equipped with power steering and power windows in the front, the Kiger has an anti-lock braking system and airbags for both passengers and drivers. Besides the multi-function steering wheel, the air-conditioned car has alloy wheels and automatic climate control features. The interior has fabric upholstery, and the dashboard has a tachometer, electronic multi-trip meter, digital clock, and digital odometer. There are two glove compartments, too. A 1-liter bottle can fit into the upper glove box, while the lower glove box is deeper.

    You can choose between three driving modes – Eco, Normal, and Sport- in which the steering wheel character and the engine map differ.

    Comfortable to Ride and Drive

    The ride is quite comfortable for everyone because of ample leg space that can easily accommodate a six-footer or even taller person. The flat floor and sufficient headroom make the movements of passengers easy as they can relax and stretch comfortably without having to hit the roof every time. However, three people can fit in the rear seat with some tightness between them because of the short width of the seat.

    Everything said the Renault Kiger is an efficient SUV because of the spacious rear seats and plenty of storage space duly complemented by the spaces within the interior that ensure the most comfortable ride. Moreover, the price is quite competitive and a shade lower than other vehicles in the segment. The French automaker already has a significant presence in the Indian auto market, and the Kiger should help further bolster its position.

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