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    Sameer Nigam – His take on Hustle Culture and More

    Rahul Chari and Sameer Nigam are the co-founders of PhonePe. The company is one of India’s fintech startups with the highest values. The founders think that hustle culture is overrated.

    Let us find out how they function and their ideologies regarding building a team and the company. They have been a source of inspiration from the time of the Phonepe launch date.

    Sameer Nigam Phonepe- An Inspiring Example for Budding Entrepreneurs

    You must have seen that in the stories depicting the startup owners’ life history, there are many stories of hard work and hustling. But in this case, the PhonePe owner believes that there is overrating of the hustle culture.

    According to Chari, the Chief Technology Officer says that they had decided at the time of starting the business that they would not be burning the midnight oil and would not be working over weekends by calling people. Sameer Nigam PhonePe co-founder, along with his partner, feels that it is essential to build a happy team so that things can work in the right way.

    Regarding the hustle culture, Chari thinks that romanticism is also associated with this kind of culture. And most importantly, to make a startup work well, it is not necessary that the startup has to follow the hustle culture as long as the planning is good and people can think through things.

    The founders also say the fintech sector will not permit overworking, and it necessitates a stable approach since fintech is real money. The company is now processing more than $800 billion annually, and if they emphasize hustle culture, they can land up in a serious problem. Sameer Nigam PhonePe CEO is perhaps the only CEO that constantly tells his people to stop something.

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