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    Samsung Galaxy M33 5G Review: The Attractive Specifications and More

    Samsung introduced its Samsung Galaxy M33 5G in India late last month, giving its Galaxy M series a new choice. The smartphone is packed with capabilities and belongs to the highly competitive 20,000 class. The Samsung Galaxy M33 5G improves on its previous, the Samsung Galaxy M32, in various ways. The device also is future-proof because it supports 5G. The Samsung Galaxy M33 5G is powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 1280 chipset, and it has a plastic casing like the rest of the Galaxy M series.

    Samsung Galaxy M33 5G Specification

    Let’s start with the essential features of the Samsung Galaxy M33 5G:

    1. The design is usual for the M series; however, the 6000 mAh battery makes it large.
    2. Its fingerprint scanner features integrated into the power button and is reliable.
    3. There’s also a headphone jack.
    4. Yes, it supports 12 bands and is 5G ready.
    5. A dual-SIM phone with a microSD card slot is available for 1TB
    6. With Android 12, it runs One UI 4.
    7. Both RAM choices come with 128GB of storage, which is always a plus.


    The Samsung Galaxy M33 does have a 6.6-inch LCD with a screen resolution of (2408 x 1080) and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Samsung Galaxy M33 5G has an adjustable refresh rate, which means it will adjust the refresh rate based on the situation; however, you can also set it to 120 Hz in the settings. Nonetheless, the adaptive refresh will satisfy the majority of users.

    The Samsung Galaxy M33 5G has a quad-camera system with a 50MP primary camera, 2MP macro, 2MP depth, and a 5MP ultra-wide. The primary camera of the Samsung Galaxy M33 5G performs admirably, especially when compared to other devices in the same price range. Our grass would be greener, the sky would be bluer and the reds would be richer. Even though it is only 8MP, the selfie camera of the Samsung Galaxy M33 5G performs admirably. The photographs are attractive in well-lit areas, as well as the skin doesn’t appear strange. However, that camera struggles with Night mode, and both the front and primary cameras have fuzzy details.


    The 25W rapid charging is still an issue. It takes a long time to charge that 6000 mAh battery. Of course, because Samsung Galaxy M33 5G does not provide a charger in the box, users would have to purchase one separately. With moderate usage, the 6,000 mAh battery can comfortably last two days. If users push hard enough, one will get one and a half days. Given the battery size, if users require a Samsung G that really shouldn’t have to bother about recharging every day, that’s the obvious choice.

    Samsung Galaxy M33 5G Price

    The Samsung Galaxy M33 5G costs 17,999 rupees for the 6GB RAM model and 19,499 rupees for the 8GB RAM model. The Smartphone is available in two color options: Deep Ocean Blue & Mystique Green, and can be purchased from Amazon India, Samsung’s online shop, and Samsung’s authorized retail outlets across the country.

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