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    Top 5 Small Business Ideas Which Have Complete Government Support

    Time is changing quickly, and industrial development is witnessing a wide range of drastic changes accompanied by a profitable success rate. This development is mainly seen by urban businesses and multinational corporations with advanced technologies. Businesses’ opportunities and development rates are still quite limited in rural areas. However, in many rural regions of India, a diverse range of business talents can be identified as well as many business opportunities are also available. All they need is just sufficient financial support which Government is ready to provide via Mudra loans up to Rs. 10 lakhs.

    Profitable small business ideas with Govt. support

    Here is the list of 5 profitable small business ideas that you can employ with the help of the government.

    • Flour mill

    There is no limitation of materials for flour mills in rural areas, and people do not purchase bagged flour from markets like they do in cities. It’s a highly viable and profitable firm if you grind other grains like sorghum, oats, corn, barley, and spices like chili turmeric, in addition to wheat. The flour mill also can supply products to nearby cities and towns for a profit. It’s a fantastic company because it only costs a little money to get started, but it requires a strong electrical connection to business execution.

    • Organically grown fruits and vegetables  

    It is one of the best local business ideas in India. With proper resources, fertilizers, and in-depth plant knowledge, any individual can do this business. The market for organic vegetables and fruits is expanding rapidly, and residing near small towns and villages offers a potential economic opportunity to start growing and distributing the products. It requires consistency and patience. 

    • Small scale manufacturing units

    Rural areas are most appropriate for starting small-scale manufacturing units, with some ideas being paper cups and plates. Small-scale manufacturing unit businesses can be created as per the requirements of the local people and other small businesses. Small-scale manufacturing unit products also have a high demand in the urban areas as big businesses require these small products as their resources. 

    • Dairy farm /milk centre 

    In rural areas, conducting a milk centre business is an excellent concept because milk is plentiful and required by every other person. The financial support needed to open the centre is less, but the person in charge must be qualified. You can only accumulate and provide milk by working with a dairy farm. You’ll need capital from various sources, including non-bank financial companies and banks, to start a local dairy business. Not only that, but the government also offers a 33% subsidy for beginning a dairy farm.

    • Fertilizer and pesticides store 

    To conduct small businesses, pesticides and fertilizers are highly required. Initiating a fertilizer or pesticide business is an excellent idea because agriculture is essential for the rural economy. However, one must first attain a license before starting a business. Review the entire procedure, application fees, and qualifying conditions to get a fertilizer and pesticide selling license. You can also keep fertilizer, pesticides, and seeds in there.

    All these businesses have high potential to say the least. If resources and effort are put properly, then these small businesses can really grow into something big in future.

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