Success Story of Nilesh Kataria – Founder & CEO of Speak to Uplift

    “Everyone should be passionate about something. There should be something in your life except death, such as playing games, exercising, listening to music, or even traveling.” – Nilesh Kataria – Founder & CEO of Speak To Uplift.

    Business Upside [Bu]: When and Why Did You Start Your Journey Toward Becoming a Business Person?

    Nilesh Kataria [NK]: I started my journey in college when I was in my second year of graduation. I started working for an edtech company. That first failed, and I didn’t get enough of a response to keep doing it. I then secured employment in the US. I spent six months there. But because my family has always been involved in business, I have always had the mindset that if I had to accomplish something, I must do it on my own. I, therefore, started with my family business, an automobile company with a retail hub for all cars, which I also run.

    [Bu]: What Inspired You to Start “Speak to Uplift”?

    [NK]: After that, I started working for a software business, and we soon began handling the projects of large corporations. Currently, I work with a team of 50 to 55 people on a variety of projects, including one on software, another on automobiles, and the third one on “Speak to Uplift,” which aims to inspire or support individuals, such as students, to help them advance their careers. Currently, I have started posting the stories of many creators, and I just started doing this randomly.

    I really enjoy Flying Beast, Gaurav Taneja. So, three months ago, I wrote a post on him that went viral. However, I believed that everyone was familiar with him. Then the idea of starting something new comes into my mind. So I began writing on social media about how individuals struggled in their life and struck up conversations with many of them. That inspiration led me to begin “Speak to Uplift,” where I can inspire others and provide them with the right platform. So that is why I started this venture.

    [Bu]: According to You, What Qualities Should Entrepreneurs have to Grow Themselves?

    [NK]: The first quality is Patience, which is very important, followed by Commitment and Consistency. If you want to establish a business, for example, and you think your brand will be built automatically, I am sorry, but that will not happen. You should push for these three things. You must maintain consistency while not worrying about the response your business receive. And if you want to do something but need to give it more time, it is your fault.

    [Bu]: What Is The Significance of Having an Optimistic Attitude Toward One’s Goal?

    [NK]: Obviously, you must have a positive outlook. You have to think positively. For instance, if you are running your own business, you must first be certain and maintain a positive outlook on everything. We cannot always be cheerful, happy, or in a good mood. But in the end, it’s best to maintain a positive appearance when you’re out in public. Wearing a mask is definitely not advised; wherever you are, be real, whether social or in real life.

    [Bu]: What are You Most Passionate About and Why?

    [NK]: My daily routine and consistency are very important to me, and I am quite passionate about them. I wake up at 5:30 and leave for the gym. The gym is where I go, not because I want to look like a bodybuilder, but because it teaches me discipline that makes me feel stress-free for the first two hours of my day. Afterward, I prepare for the day and go about my usual routine. Everyone should be passionate about something. There should be something in your life except death, such as playing games, exercising, listening to music, or even traveling.

    [Bu]: What Roles the Social Skills Play in the Field of Business?

    [NK]: Knowledge never goes in vain. When I talk about myself, if you tell me to handle any specific marketing, I can brand that specific product right away and within ten days. However, I am a complete moron when it comes to technical matters. Although I’m competent, but I’m not at the level I need to be. When it comes to more technical aspects, I need to learn more. I truly want to understand all I can about that. Just like knowledge, the social link never goes waste. Make as many genuine connections with others as you can, coming from the bottom of your heart. Keep your selfish intentions at bay. People would call you and smile when they speak with you if you did something good for them today. When someone is going to talk about me when I am not present, it matters a lot and will help build a reputation.

    [Bu]: How Do You Network with an Abundance Mindset?

    [NK]: There are two different personnel and two different attitudes I need to address when it comes to the automotive and software industries. We have a retail business in Punjab when it comes to cars, and we have all kinds of spare parts for every automobile, from Maruti to Bugatti. But I can’t communicate in English there. I must communicate in Punjabi. I cannot tell them that I will act a certain way or speak with a certain attitude because I need to learn from them and respect them as co-workers rather than as superiors. But I can’t speak to the software workers as I do with the people in our automobile business. I should behave more sophisticatedly. I need to find a setting where they feel at ease. Either Hindi or English could be used.

    [Bu]: How Do You Overcome Your Failure?

    [NK]: Everyone fails. I failed too. At times, we experience depression. We can’t claim to be positive every day. That is not humanly possible. I’ll take two to three minutes to tell you my story. Several of my buddies and I worked in the college when I first got into the software and business world, and we also failed there. It is when your personal problems come into play. For instance, my relationship ended because of XYZ reasons.

    Consequently, what actually happened was that I felt like I learned a lot from her at that time, but I also felt very depressed and was attempting to flee the situation like a child. I’ve been to the USA, but it felt like I wanted to avoid the phase because I believed that if I continued to be busy at work, I would soon forget the painful phase. I stayed there for six months and received good pay and employment. However, I was always troubled by a mental block that prevented me from escaping the situation. For me, that led to melancholy and failure. I had a steady income. But failure does not imply that we don’t have enough money. It has multiple meanings. My mind is dumb. I was by no means social at that time. I then realize that the relationship is just a part. It is not the whole life. Everyone —counselor, parents, loved ones—can only urge you to come out, but they cannot change your mind. It takes time to heal everything.

    [Bu]: How Do You Support Young Enthusiasts?

    [NK]: I attend college. There, I have sessions, and I always do them for free. I connect with people on LinkedIn if they require such help. I connect with the individuals and ask them how I can support and help them. I also try to always be there for them.

    [Bu]: What Success Means to You?

    [NK]: Everyone must be happy. We can’t make 100 people happy, but I always try to ensure that nobody gets hurt because of me. I always try to respect everybody, which is a success for me.

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