Supra MK4: Things to Know about this Legendary Supercar?

    If you are a car enthusiast, you must have heard about the legendary Toyota Supra. This supercar rose to fame with its role in “The Fast and the Furious” movie. The USP of this car is its aerodynamic shape. This car has a die-had cult following around the world. If you wish to know about Supra MK4, then keep reading.

    After 20 year pause in 2019, Toyota released the 5th generation Supra. But it was a letdown for hardcore Supra fans around the world. However, Toyota does not produce MK4 anymore as it stopped its production in 2022. But their 4th-Gen Supra model is still in high demand. This is undoubtedly the most precious and celebrated Toyota product in its sports car segment.

    A Brief History

    In 1993, Toyota released the MK4 with an impressive aerodynamic design. The new Supra was in development for four long years, and it was their answer to their rivals Nissan’s 300ZX and Mazda’s RX7 Turbo.

    Engine and Transmission

    The engine of MK4 has been phenomenal because it’s provided in both twin-turbo and naturally aspirated forms. Its 3-litre straight-6 comes with four valves for every cylinder. On top of it, this also has a cast-iron block, an aluminum head, and an electronic fuel injection.

    Its twin-turbo version comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox. On the other hand, the aspirated models come with a W58 speed unit. Moreover, each model has a 4-speed automatic featuring a manual shift mode.

    Body Style and Kits

    Using Aluminium for the car’s hood was a masterstroke from Toyota to make the car light. They also used aluminum in areas like transmission pans, suspension arms, etc. Compared with its previous models, MK4 is undoubtedly lighter, wider, lower, and shorter. Hence, car lovers and the community have embraced this beast with a few tweaks.


    The 2JZ-GE unit has 220 HP. In automatic mode, it can accelerate to 60 MPH in 7.3 seconds, and in manual mode, 6.5 seconds. The twin-turbo 2JE-GTE can produce up to 276 HP in the Japanese market. The American models, using fuel injectors and upgraded turbos, have 321 HP, while the European models have the most power, with 326 HP. This car is a powerful beast.

    Supra MK4 price in India

    Indian sports car lovers are pretty enthusiastic about this supercar. This vehicle is priced at the right point compared to its features and functionalities. The starting ex-showroom price of this 6-seater supercar is Rs. 85,00,000 in India. So, it can be said that the Supra MK4 price in India is quite reasonable considering all its functionalities and features.


    The speed of Supra MK4 is to be different in different countries with varied HP abilities. Its turbocharger’s ability enables it to reach 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds. The official top speed of this beast is set at 177 mph. So technically, the Supra MK4 top speed is 177 mph. But outside Japan, this car is restricted to reaching beyond 155 mph.


    It’s your decision whether to buy the Supra MK4. But this car is a good option if you’re a supercar enthusiast. It has attractive features and functionalities to fulfill your dream of riding the ultimate supercar. This car’s price is better than other supercars on the market. But you need to do detailed research before getting your hands on it.

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