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    taaza khabar : Review of Bhuvan Bam’s Unfulfilled Potential

    The web series industry continuously changes, and artists work hard to provide viewers with new and exciting material. The well-liked YouTuber Bhuvan Bam, well-known for his amusing monologues and music videos, has entered the realm of web series with his first one, taaza khabar .” The series offers an original and enjoyable viewing experience with an intriguing premise that combines news reporting and humor. This article will cover the trailer, the first season’s review, the cast, the release date, and the possibility of a second season.


    On Tuesday, Disney+ Hotstar published a trailer for the television program taaza khabar starring Bhuvan Bam. With Dhindora, he had already made his acting debut the previous year.

    Vasant Gawde, also known as Bhuvan, identifies himself as “Mumbai ka King, Wadala ka Wolf, Thane ka Tiger, and Chembur ka Cheetah” in the teaser. Additionally, Bhuvan posted the trailer to his Instagram account. Bhuvan is depicted in the trailer as an employee of sanitation who spends most of his time thinking about becoming wealthy and prosperous. When he discovers one fine day that he has the unique ability to know the news before it is reported to the public, he uses it as his key to success. He uses this to make predictions, which quickly alter his life in more ways. taaza khabar release date is 5 January 2023.

    Review in nutshell:

    Bhuvan Bam’s debut in taaza khabar web series, offers a mix of comedy and drama in a tale of a young man with the power to see the immediate future. However, the show needs to work on rising above a predictable and contrived storyline, leaving much to be desired. Let’s dive into a concise review of taaza khabar .

    Stale Plot and Characters:

    The series revolves around Vasant “Vasya” Gawde, a chawl-dweller with dreams of a better life. Unfortunately, taza khabar fails to offer a fresh take on the rags-to-riches trope, with a predictable storyline and clichéd characters. The love-and-lust triangle, involving a prostitute and a gangster, lacks surprises and fails to captivate viewers.

    Screenplay and Lack of Depth:

    The screenplay, penned by Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal, relies heavily on the protagonist’s clairvoyance. However, the plot lacks genuine insight and fails to provide depth to the struggles and aspirations of a man trying to escape his circumstances. The show’s attempts at exploring themes such as magic, belief, and fate come across as shallow and half-baked.

    Missed Opportunities and Lackluster Execution:

    Lead actor Bhuvan Bam puts forth a reliable performance but more is needed to salvage the show. The series needs a contrived storyline that needs more inspiration and novelty. The portrayal of deprivation and uncertainty needs more nuance, leaving little room for human relationships and fate complexities. The villains in the show lack genuine menace, further detracting from the overall impact.

    Competent Cast, But Limited Impact:

    The talented cast of taaza khabar, including Shriya Pilgaonkar, Shilpa Shukla, and J.D. Chakravarthy, deliver competent performances. However, the show’s uninteresting and predictable plot undermines their efforts. Although there are a few interesting moments from supporting performers, the performances don’t have much impact.


    In summary, taaza khabar fails to live up to its potential. The series falls short due to a stale plot, lackluster execution, and a thin screenplay that fails to provide genuine depth and insight. While the cast delivers competent performances, a predictable plot and undeveloped characters work against them. taaza khabar may not offer the magic it promises, making it a lackluster affair that lacks originality. On Hotstar, taaza khabar season 2 may debut in January 2024.

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