Taking a Peek at Youtuber Alakh Pandey Biography

    One of India’s most well-known online physics instructors, Alakh Pandey Sir, is also the founder and CEO of PhysicsWallah, a unicorn company with a potential of more than 8000 crores.

    Alakh Pandey is the creator of the online learning platform PW. The information about his wife, age (Physics Wallah), Alakh Pandey qualification, and perhaps other details are provided below.

    Life Story

    October 2, 1991, was the birthday of Alakh Pandey in Uttar Pradesh. The proprietor of Physics Wallah, aka Alakh Pandey age is 31. He is giving everyone access to education and charging tuition for younger students. He imparts knowledge to students in a distinctive manner. He currently helps students prepare for CA exams, Defense exams, and jobs in the government.

    Alakh Pandey is a YouTuber, businessman, and the CEO of Physics Wallah, which he founded out of his dedication and love for instructing students. For the YouTube channel, he started to lecture. He collaborated with Prateek Maheshwari. PW offers a student app. 4 million students, in India and the surrounding countries have downloaded the app to learn. To know the current estimation of Physics Wallah net worth, keep reading.

    Net Worth of Alakh Pandey

    Alakh Pandey also referred to as the Physics Wallah, is a successful teacher of the hated subject of physics to thousands of students. The consistent expansion of Panday’s business as a unicorn can be used to estimate his net worth. Alakh Pandey net worth is estimated to be approximately Rs 96.8 crores, according to a recent report.

    Millions of students across the country follow the ed-tech platform. The PW, aka Alakh Pandey, has 9.17 million YouTube subscribers. He is attempting to teach UPSC in Hindi to individuals who need help studying for the civils. He instructs students to prepare for exams like JEE, CUET, NEET, and NDA. If you want to learn more about your favourite teacher, keep reading.

    Family of Alakh Pandey

    Alakh Pandey is single. His fiancée revealed the engagement rumours by posting a photograph. Shivani Dubey is the name of future Alakh Pandey wife. She also has connections to the company Physics Wallah. They met during a t-shirt design. She found an interest in the profession of Alakh Pandey which eventually made him fall in love with her and vice versa.

    His mother was a teacher at the Vishnu Bhagwan Public School in Prayagraj. His father was a contractor, and his sister worked for an IT company.

    Education Details

    Talking about Alakh Pandey qualification, he finished his foundational coursework at the Bishop Johnson School. He then began teaching elementary school students due to the financial crisis. He earns a 93% in his high school class. After that, he got ready for engineering.

    During his studies at HBTI in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, he became a qualified engineer. Due to familial financial difficulties, he left school after his fourth year. He started instructing the students again in Prayagraj due to his preference for teaching. He started posting YouTube videos about subjects for the 12th grade in 2015.

    More Information on Physics Wallah

    The PW app aims to connect with children who reside in rural areas. 90% of the content on the app can be read for free. Live classes, presentation notes, video projects, tutorials, and test preparation materials are all available to students. Physics Wallah is receiving help from a group of instructors. Additionally, there are free seminars. PW has locations in several cities, including Patna, Pune, Lucknow, New Delhi, Varanasi, etc.

    The students in grades 10 and 12 have taken notes for the additional courses PW provides, such as NEET, JEE UPSC, etc. The programme is readily available for download from Google Play, allowing students to study and conquer their physics phobia. It has offered JEE and NEET selections.

    As the demand for online tutoring among students hired COVID in 2019 grew, this channel attracted 8 million users in 2020. The PhysicsWallah app was subsequently decided to be made public by Alakh Pandey.

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