The Importance of Instagram Views: How to Boost Your Visibility on the Platform

    Instagram is not only a widely popular social media network, but it is also an excellent platform for promoting your brand. Nowadays, many businesses have taken to Instagram to promote their product digitally. This not only opens doors to reach more people but also helps increase sales and revenue.

    For any Instagram profile to succeed, one of the most important things is how many views the posts receive. In this article, we have tried to shed some light on the importance of Instagram views. We have also shared some tips to increase your brand’s visibility on the platform.

    Why are Instagram Views Important?

    Views attract potential customers. A post with higher views can lead to higher engagement. The more people engage with your posts, the more chances of a sale increase. If a post has generated a high number of views, it will likely remain on top of users’ feeds. This will lead to a rise in your brand visibility.

    So, that was a brief about the importance of views on Instagram. Let us now discuss some tips which can enable you to have a visibility hike on your page.

    12 Tips to Boost Visibility on Instagram

    • Customize your Instagram account

    Creating a business account is the best way to attract potential customers on Instagram. With a business account, you get a wide variety of features, such as personalized buttons, statistical data about views, and certain other features.

    Choose a suitable profile name and add a quality image to your profile. You can keep your brand logo as your profile picture. This step allows potential customers to search for your account. Add a description in your bio about your brand but make it brief.

    • Use hashtags and geotags

    Hashtags are the most used feature on Instagram. Hashtags are of several types, namely, unique, branded, very frequent, moderately frequent, and infrequent. Using between 6-10 hashtags on a post is recommended. Hashtags should always relate to the theme of the content, and try to use unique hashtags rather than copying from other posts.

    Geotags, on the other hand, enable your post to be added to a collection with similar tags. These tags point to a specific location and can be added to a post before uploading.

    • High-quality content

    People prefer to scroll through Instagram for boring content. Always ensure that your content is high quality and resonates with your brand and followers. You can also experiment with your content using different formats.

    • Contests and giveaways

    You can always run contests for your active followers. You can offer them your products and services as rewards for winning the contest. Ensure the participation rules are manageable to maximize participation from your followers.

    Organizing giveaways is also an excellent way to gain more followers. You can ask them to share your post and tag their friends in those posts to increase your visibility.

    • Team up with Influencers

    If you are ready to spend a little of your budget, you can go for micro-influencers. Choose an influencer who operates in the same industry as you and ask them to share their account statistics. Go through their data carefully and then decide to collaborate with them. Influencers bring their own set of followers to your profile. This, in turn, will increase visibility.

    • Use targeted advertisement

    You can customize ads on Instagram using the location, age, gender, and interests of your customers. This enables you to create a niche audience base who show an active interest in your brand. But make sure the ads do not feel like ads. Get creative with them. Customize them to look like your regular content because most people skip ads.

    • Be consistent

    Remember, out of sight, out of mind. You need to be consistent with your posts to maintain visibility on Instagram. Post frequently and decide on a posting schedule. Analyse your profile statistics to know when your followers are most active and push your posts at that time. This will ensure that your post is viewed by most of your followers.

    • Instagram tools

    Use social media tools to increase your visibility. Use business tools, stories, and specific other editing tools to increase and keep track of your brand’s visibility. Reels are also quite trending nowadays. Use them to create short informative, or fun videos.

    • Cross-promotion

    Use your social media channels to promote your Instagram posts. This may attract followers from other networks to scroll through your Instagram profile and hence increase visibility.

    • Boost popular posts

    Boost content that is already the best performer. This is a paid option that widens your reach on Instagram and hence gives a boost to your brand’s visibility as well.

    • Recycle your content

    Repurpose your old posts using new formats. Go live to promote an old post or share a link to the post in your Instagram story. This enables new views on your old posts. And you already know the importance of “views.”

    • Interaction is the key

    Interacting with your followers is a must. Keep your comment section open and respond promptly to your followers’ comments. You can also use live videos to interact with your audiences in real-time. This makes them feel heard. Also, you can get some valuable suggestions from your audience. After all, your customers are the ones who can give you honest feedback about your products.

    If you are ready to spend a little money on your Instagram, go for BuyQualityLikes. This is an efficient tool to bring in more real likes on the platform. Also, it is cost-efficient and genuine. This article will guide you in your journey toward success on Instagram. The tips and tricks will come in handy to increase visibility on the platform.

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