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    The Top 10 Best Instagram Tools For Marketers In 2023

    Instagram tools come in various forms, from scheduling apps to hashtag generators and analytics services. While every solution offers distinctive benefits, these tools are all intended to deliver the same thing: a stronger Instagram presence.

    After all, while Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms available to businesses today, offering exceptional brand reach and customer engagement, it’s not easy to get ahead of the competition. Even with the perfect posts and captions, you can struggle to grab the attention of the Instagram algorithm and your target audience.

    Fortunately, with the right Instagram tools, business leaders and influencers can boost their chances of success with resources designed to optimize Instagram growth.

    10 Instagram Tools For Marketers In 2023

    1. Kicksta

    Kicksta is a comprehensive Instagram growth service designed to assist influencers, brands, and businesses in attracting and engage new followers. The solution leverages an intelligent algorithm to automatically “like” the content posted by targeted accounts, drawing genuine potential customers back to a specific brand profile.

    Key Features:

    • Organic growth via a safe automated liking method
    • Targeting features for specific accounts, hashtags, and locations
    • Live chat support and VIP email support
    • Business account, gender, and spam filters
    • Blacklisting options
    • Hashtag generation
    • Micro-influencer network



    Kicksta’s pricing packages start at $49 per month for access to moderate growth speed and 10 Instagram targets. Companies can increase their targeting options and targets with more expensive premium plans.

    Kicksta price


    2. Sprout Social

    One of the top Instagram management tools used by businesses worldwide, Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media platform. The solution allows companies to schedule posts, manage comments, track hashtags, and engage in social listening campaigns. There are also various tools for creating custom reports based on social media analytics.

    Key features:

    • Intelligent Instagram scheduling and automated posting
    • Post-level performance insights and analytics
    • Smart inbox for customer service
    • Presentation-ready and customizable reports
    • Social listening and hashtag monitoring
    • Competitor analysis


    Pricing for Sprout Social starts at $249 per month when users pay monthly, with options for more advanced premium packages available to larger brands.


    Simple but powerful, is one of the top Instagram tools designed to help companies make the most of their social media profile. On Instagram, companies can only share a single link within their bio. Still, the service transforms that singular link into a curated environment where customers can find social accounts, event pages, stores, and articles.

    Key features:

    • Unlimited links stored under a single URL
    • Link scheduling features
    • Analytic insights into clicks and views
    • Pre-designed themes and full customization options
    • Personalized link thumbnails

    Pricing: users can access all of the service’s features for free by signing up with an email address, with no restrictions to any of the services.

    4. Keyhole

    Trusted by leading brands across the globe, Keyhole is a social listening tool that assists organizations in tracking brand mentions, hashtags, and other essential data. The analytics tool makes it easy to measure the impact of your campaigns, track the engagement of influencers, and collect valuable metrics about social media strategies.

    Key Features:

    • Influencer monitoring and tracking
    • Social media metrics reporting
    • Hashtag analytics and tracking
    • Keyword tracking and social listening
    • Publishing and scheduling support
    • Social media analytics API


    Keyhole offers a 7-day free trial. After this, companies need to schedule a demo and talk with one of the company’s team members to create a custom plan.

    5. Canva

    One of the simplest and most feature-rich Instagram tools for improving your online aesthetic, Canva is a platform that helps businesses to develop more attractive Instagram posts. Ideal for quick and simple photo editing, graphic design, and more, Canva comes with a host of templates to strengthen your appearance on the world’s favorite visual social platform.

    Key Features:

    • Collaboration tools for teams to work together
    • Thousands of free templates and downloadable assets
    • Custom graphs, maps, flowcharts, and reports
    • Photo enhancer, cropper, straightener, transparency, and fade tools
    • Photo blur, texture, filter, and vignette
    • Design for icons, badges, stickers, and frames


    Companies can access the basic features of Canva for free in a web browser or on their mobile device. Canva Pro and Canva for Teams are available for fees starting at $12.95 per month.

    6. Repost for Instagram

    Created to help companies make the most of user-generated content, Repost is a simple Instagram tool that allows you to capture content from other creators and share it on your social media feed. The solution only requires companies to copy and paste a link into the platform to repost content, and it automatically gives credit to the original poster.

    Key Features:

    • Rapid one-click reposting for Instagram and Twitter
    • Instant automatic credit is given to original posters
    • Convenient web-based service
    • Download and copy options for captions


    Users can access a day pass for Repost for $1.99 or sign up for a comprehensive monthly plan starting at $4.99.

    7. Leetags

    Hashtags are a crucial part of making your Instagram posts stand out to the right audiences, but selecting the proper tags can be easier said than done. Leetags is one of the top Instagram tools available to help companies rapidly generate relevant tags for their social posts.

    LeetagsKey Features:

    • Quick and simple hashtag generation
    • Hashtag set creation with category options
    • Insights into trending hashtags
    • Save-able tag lists for future use
    • Downloadable app for Google and Apple devices


    Leetags are free, with no premium cost for any added features.

    8. Awario

    Another of the top Instagram tools designed to help you improve your brand reputation, Awario is a monitoring and social media listening solution. It provides companies with a simple way to track positive and negative comments shared by customers and other companies. Plus, there are tools for creating white-labeled reports.

    Key Features:

    • Comprehensive automated brand monitoring
    • Powerful analytics and white-labeled reports
    • Multiple organization options for app mentions
    • Mobile app access
    • Social selling


    Pricing for Awario starts at $24 per month, giving companies 3 topics to monitor, 30,000 new mentions per month, 1 team member, and 5,000 stored mentions per product.

    9. DashThis

    Built to automate and simplify Instagram marketing efforts, DashThis is a comprehensive reporting tool providing behind-the-scenes insights into Instagram metrics. You can leverage unlimited data sources, create comprehensive dashboards, and integrate the tool with various services.

    DashThisKey Features:

    • Bulk dashboard editing and creating
    • Preset templates or customized reports
    • Unlimited access to client accounts and data sources
    • 34+ native integrations
    • Visual graphs and charts


    Prices for DashThis start at $33 per month for 3 dashboards, unlimited users and integrations, and access to a range of preset templates.

    10. Later

    Later is a social media scheduling tool designed to help Instagrammers plan their posts and promote them at best possible time to improve engagement. The solution is excellent for streamlining social media calendars and accessing helpful analytics.

    Key Features:

    • Scheduling for posts, stories, and videos
    • Create, edit, and preview content
    • Analytics and reporting tools
    • Automatic Instagram publishing
    • User-generated content tools
    • Complete visual planner for timelines


    Prices for Later start at $18 per month for the basic plan, which supports up to 30 posts per social profile, limited analytics, and collaboration tools.

    Choosing the Best Instagram Tools

    The best Instagram tools for your needs will depend on what you want to accomplish with your social media marketing campaigns. The options mentioned above will give you a range of resources to enhance your online presence, improve your social posts, and find new followers.

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