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    Things to do in Dubai to Have a Great Time

    Dubai is a desert city that is more than flashy and flamboyant malls and hotels. From activities that provide an adrenaline rush to luring a new generation of travellers and tourists to Dubai by setting up cultural institutions, galleries, and more. You will be spoilt for choice when listing the things to do in Dubai.

    In this article, let us find out the places to visit in Dubai and how you can plan the sightseeing activities. So, read on for better information.

    1. Aura Skypool

    Regarded as one of the highest infinity pools with a 360-degree view, it stands tall at 200 meters on top of The Palm Tower. The infinity pool offers an uninterrupted view of the Emirates, but you can spend a day at the pool for a spectacular experience. The ticket costs $46 per person, and it is best bought online.

    2. Jumeirah Mosque

    This is the only mosque in Dubai where non-Muslims are allowed entry. It is a good place and a favourite among the photographers. It is made of white stone in the Fatimad style during the medieval period. You can visit the mosque six days a week. Some guides can enlighten you with the details of the history and origin.

    3. Hatta Dome Park

    At a stone’s throw from the Hatta Wadi Hub, this place offers a desert glamping experience that immerses visitors in nature. You get to enjoy accommodation in dome-shaped tents and enjoy the picturesque views of the mountains. Also, you have a wide range of outdoor activities.

    The luxe tents offer comfort as well as adventure in adequate doses. Enjoy the firepits, private terrace, barbecues, food vans, and starry nights. In close vicinity is the Hatta mountain range. You can also access Wi-Fi here, even though the place is quite remote.

    4. Al Marmoom Camel Race Track

    One of the exciting things to do in Dubai is to visit and witness the camel race at the Al Marmoom Camel Race Track. It typically represents the Middle Eastern culture of camel race that dates back to the 7th century. You will find the stands filled with trainers and owners. The race starts at 7 a.m. and goes through 9 AM. The announcements are in Arabic.

    5. Deep Dive Dubai

    Regarded as one of the deepest pools in the world, this is yet another Dubai tourist places you will cherish. The pool is 60 meters deep with 14 million litres of water. However, it is meant only for those water divers with a certification to their credit. While snorkeling is allowed on the surface, scuba diving is permitted at most 12 meters. The place is not just for water lovers; it also harbors the area’s largest underwater film studio. There are 56 cameras, which is a must-visit when planning things to do in Dubai.

    Aside from the above, you can also plan the Dubai tourist places in other locations. Some of them are as follows-

    • Ain Dubai – The largest observation wheel in the world at a height of 75 meters.
    • Dubai Spice Souk – You will find more than these, ranging from saffron, Persian dried lines, barberries, Middle Eastern spice mixes, and rose hips. Some stalls sell clothes, souvenirs, and handmade lanterns, to name just a few.
    • Dubai Fountain –This is the tallest fountain in the world. This fountain shoots up as much as 22,000 gallons of water at 500 feet in the air. The Dubai fountain is located within the premises of the Burj Lake, situated on 30 acres of land.

    The list can go on when you sit down to make one covering things to do in Dubai. You can work out a DIY itinerary or seek assistance from a travel company to help you with your Dubai trip.

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