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    Things You Must Know About NohKaLikai Falls Meghalaya: A Guide


    Before we begin to tell you about the much-celebrated NohKaLikai falls, we hope you would kindly allow us to take a moment and talk about the importance of vacation in our everyday, mundane lives.

    We say that vacation happens to be one of the most important recreation elements, which can act as a great stress Buster in troubled times.

    It is often, that we notice that people are taking refuge in the conception of taking a trip when everything goes downhill.  This travel blog on the NohKaLikai  falls of Meghalaya can help you plan your next respite!

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    Nohkalikai Falls Of Meghalaya As A Tourist Spot

    In case you happen to be an Indian citizen, we would like to remind you that your own country is just as rich in terms of tourist spots as places abroad are. In fact one of the most coveted travel destinations within our very own nation is Meghalaya.

    There are several places to visit in Meghalaya, which can create absolute magic amongst the tourists visiting. We certainly do not need to mention to you that people from all over the world come and visit the Meghalaya.

    You Need Govt's Permission To Visit Meghalaya Even After Lockdown Ends | Curly Tales
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    As you all must be aware already, it happens to be while the most popular travel destinations based out of India. However, due to organized planning, people often miss the best time to visit Meghalaya, by and large also missing out on the amazing Meghalaya tourist places.

    One such extremely important travel destination is NohKaLikai  falls Meghalaya, which is also popularly known as the highest waterfall in India. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the nuanced details of this particular travel destination. Come; let us get started.

    About The Nomenclature Of Nohkalikai Falls

    Nohkalikai Falls Cherrapunji
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    A large section of people is of the opinion that NohKaLikai falls Meghalaya happens to be the highest waterfall in India, and most definitely is one of the finest places to visit in Meghalaya. Every travel destination ever has its own story of creation and its own History of nomenclature. In this section of the blog, we will see how this place came to be called so, popularly.

    When we’re talking about this particular NohKaLikai falls Meghalaya, it is important to know the Storey behind its nomenclature. According to the myth that survived, the planes were once resided by a woman who was called so.

    This woman, KaKilai was the wife of a porter and had a child with him. Eventually, there was a breach in the happy family with the death of the husband, which resulted in the remarrying of the woman. The remarriage was apparently the result of the social stigma of providing the child so young with a father. However, the new husband that she got married to, developed an enormous amount of jealousy towards her child and ended up killing her while his wife was at work.

    Nohkalikai Falls Tragically Beautiful Waterfall in Meghalaya Travel Melodies
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    The story then goes like, a hungry KaKilai, after reverting from work, found an elaborate meal cooked by her husband, She very happily consumed. It was later when she went to have some betel leaf; she started to realize that it was her daughter’s flesh that she ended up consuming. This realization was followed by her decision of ending her life, she committed suicide by jumping off the cliffs. As per the regional diction goes, “noh” means “jump”, hence, the place came to remind of the sad rhetoric of the mother-daughter, thus known as the NohKaLikai  falls of Meghalaya, evidently, one of the most celebrated Meghalaya tourist places.

    When can you Visit this NohKaLikai falls? 

    People often wonder about the places to visit in Meghalaya, as well as the Best time to visit Meghalaya. In case you’re planning to take a trip to the Meghalaya, it is important for you to know about the nuanced details such as when and the way in which you can visit this place. We strongly believe that you will agree with us on the fact that any trip that you take requires a certain degree of good planning. With no proper knowledge about where you are heading and what is the best time to take a trip to the place that you have planned to can cause an adequate amount of trouble. It is imperative for you to know that she long has a tendency of constantly showering the destination with extremely heavy rainfall. It may become an issue for you to be able to visit the Meghalaya tourist places if you constantly have to encounter bad weather.

    Northeast tourism hunky-dory: Delhi Telegraph India
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    We suggest the window from October to December is a viable option for you to plan this trip. The other option that you can settle for is the window from March to May, which also makes sure that you do not run into the constant trouble that heavy rainfall can create while you are out on a trip. As per our opinion is concerned, these are the best time to visit Meghalaya. In fact, this happens to be the tried and tested time, this is what we proposed. We hope you choose your destination with care and have no regrets about your escapade. Furthermore, if you go through the tourist experiences scribbled here and there, you will know that during the suggested windows, NohKaLikai  Falls of Meghalaya look absolutely awe-inspiring, and can fill your heart up to the brim in no time. Isn’t that absolutely wonderful? 

    How can you visit NohKaLikai falls?

    In case you are wondering about how to visit the NohKaLikai  Falls of Meghalaya, we would like to ensure you that it is one of the easiest trips that you can take without having to meet with undue hassles. The NohKaLikai  falls are within35-37 kms proximity of the much famously known Umroi Airport. What is the most essential thing about taking a trip is that you want easy travel which will not include a lot of unnecessary running around. Is this travel destination convenient for Indian travelers, travelers from the other part of the world can also easily use the Guwahati airport, which is quite famously known! In this regard, we would add the information that there is a great deal of availability of vehicles (local) from Shillong, and you can also use the Guwahati railway channel to take your ever-important trip to the NohKaLikai  falls.

    Why Should You Visit This Place?

    You should most definitely pay a visit to the NohKaLikai  falls once in your life simply because it happens to be one of the most beautiful places based out of Meghalaya. Unless you visit this place, you will be unable to believe that India houses such wonderful travel destinations. It happens to be breathtakingly beautiful and has the capability of calming you like nothing else during moments of stress. Isn’t that why we take trips, to come out of the extremely mundane issues that we have to face every day? Here are three travel destinations we do not certainly want you to miss when you are visiting the NohKaLikai falls of Meghalaya, come; have a look:

    • Double-decker living bridge route

    • Nohsngithiang Falls

    • Ka Khoh Ramhah

    The ever so beautiful interface of the falls with caves such as Maswami will make you feel that you are undoubtedly on top of the world. Keep these in mind when you are taking a trip to the Meghalaya tourist places!


    In conclusion, we would like to drive home the point that in one’s life, the simple get-away turns out to be the main component that can accurately save you from all that has been bottling up for while and messing you up. It is regularly, that we notice that individuals are taking asylum in an elaborate trip, coming back from which their hearts feel happy from the refreshment that they had been exposed to. The NohKaLikai  falls of Meghalaya, as we have mentioned already can be a source of such relief in life.

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    Like we have mentioned in this blog, there are certain very specific spots that you cannot afford to miss when you are in NohKaLikai  falls of Meghalaya, which can fill the hearts of the sightseers up to the brim. We hope you find the magic in NohKaLikai  falls Meghalaya too, and have a great time there. We wish you the best!

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