Top 10 Penny Stocks under 10 Cents

    Penny stocks are stocks that trade for less than $1 per share. They are also called “low-priced shares.” These stocks are usually not traded on the major stock exchanges, so they can be challenging to purchase. Penny stocks are generally low-priced because they have a low market capitalization, which means there is not enough demand for these stocks to trade at higher prices. Penny stocks may offer higher returns than other investments, but they also come with more risk. There is no guarantee that the cost of penny stocks will increase in the future, and investing in them can be risky if you don’t know how to research them beforehand.

    These stocks are usually not traded on major stock exchanges and instead trade over the counter, which means they do not have a set price and can be bought or sold for any price. The main advantage of penny stocks is that they offer a higher return on investment than other investments, such as savings accounts or bonds, because they have a higher risk factor. The downside of investing in penny stocks is that there is a chance that the company will go bankrupt, and the investor will lose all their money. Penny stocks are securities with prices under $5 per share. These securities trade over-the-counter, meaning there is no set price for them; investors can buy. Here are the top 10 penny stocks list under 10 cents

    The current stock price is 8.35 cents. Book Value 0.02. Welcure Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd manufactures and markets a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations. It includes antibiotics, analgesics, vitamins, corticosteroids, anti-dysentery, anti-diabetics, gastrointestinal, and sedatives. This company has no debts and has a good track record of return on equity (ROE). 

    • Balgopal Commercial Ltd

    The current stock price is 9.63 cents. Book Value is 10.7. This company conducts business in business fields like dealing with suppliers, investors, buyers, sellers, traders, consumers, and household goods. Gradually the company is expanding its business in areas like investment, obligations, and securities that are issued or guaranteed by the government, state in India, or elsewhere.

    • Winpro Industries Ltd

    The current stock price is 7.90 cents. Book Value is 3.37. The company is formally known as Iris Mediaworks Limited. It mainly conducts business regarding trading IT goods and services and a few other products. In India, it works business in the media and entertainment sector and engages in producing, broadcasting, distributing, recording television programs, marketing, and entertaining and informing via television.

    • CES Ltd

    The current stock price is 0.37 cents. Book Value is 37.8. This company offers the best penny stocks with high potential. The company is almost debt-free, and it can be seen that trade share can be done within less than 1. This company is formally known as Serve All Enterprise Solutions Limited. It provides services like Information Technology-enabled Services (ITeS) and Information Technology (IT). The company serves the midsize market via Business Process Management (BPM). 

    • Fraser and Company Ltd

    The current stock price is 9.98 cents. Book Value is 8.85. Fraser and Company Ltd is a wholesale supplier that provides construction materials, plumbing, hardware, heating supplies, and equipment. The stock price is at 1.13 times the book value, and a goof quarter can be expected from the company.

    • Siddha Ventures Ltd

    The current stock price is 9.83 cents. Book Value is 16.4. The company is almost debt-free. The stock price is at 0.60 times the book value. It offers financial service activities, and however, it does not provide pension or insurance funding services. 

    • GCM Securities Ltd

    The current stock price is 7.47 cents. Book Value is 0.62. The company conducts business in the Capital Market, and its services include trading, stockbroking, investing in shares, and a few other securities. The company is also associated with other activities related to the capital market.

    • Utique Enterprises Ltd

    The current stock price is 8.23 cents. Book Value is 4.19. The company mainly conducts business regarding financial services as well as computer education. It also has a subsidiary that is Apple Asset Management Limited. The company is almost debt-free. 

    • Oceanaa Biotek Industries Ltd

    The current stock price is 2.86 cents. Book Value is 21.2. The company is specialized in the food testing industry, and it is also associated with the business of manufacturing and trading shrimp seeds. The primary focus of the company is on the nurturing of prawn seeds.

    • UTL Industries Ltd

    The current stock price is 6.81 cents. Book Value is 1.43. The company is associated with businesses like supply and management, construction activities, real estate projects, and infrastructure development. It also provides BPO/KPO services.

    All these penny stocks happen to have a good prospect that you are required to research properly. Then you can take your own decision to invest.

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