Top 10 Inspirational Success Stories

    Everyone in this world is living with the urge of getting success in life based on many aspects. This urge for success has led the world where it is right now with rapid advancement and development. Here are some inspirational success stories that inspire us every day to give our best and embrace every failure in life to get the ultimate success. 

    Albert Einstein

    Worldwide, every individual knows this personality for his scientific inventions. Albert Einstein is one of the extraordinary geniuses whose contribution to science is unmeasurable. Every scientist in the current era is following his scientific theory and interventions to proceed with further scientific progress for the human race. As stated by Albert Einstein, ‘success is a process filled with failure, and if someone never failed before achieving success, then that person cannot experience true and ultimate success.’ Albert Einstein himself faced several failures before achieving the ultimate success. Till the age of 9, he could not speak fluently; many schools rejected him to provide education. But with strong determination and willpower, he has achieved success in science and technology and in 1921, he won the Nobel Prize for Physics. 

    Bill Gates 

    Bill Gates, the founder of one of Microsoft’ most reputed and successful software companies. Currently, he is one of the richest persons in the world. However, this success came from confronting a huge failure and by taking a risk. Bill Gates who is now a great entrepreneur and a successful businessman, is a dropout Harvard student. After dropping out of college, he started his first self-own business, Traf-O-Data which was a big failure in his life. The whole investment for this business got vanished. Facing all these hardships and failures, with a keen passion for computer programming and technological developments, he successfully built Microsoft with his effective and aggressive business strategy and business tactics. 

    Steve Jobs 

    Steve Jobs is the founder of one of the most premium brands for smartphone and successful technology company, Apple. The success story of Steve Jobs starts with dropping out of college. He started Apple at his garage, accompanied by one of his friends Steve Wozniak. Dropping out of college and starting the business in the garage is not only the problems faced by Steve Jobs. The company where he used to work and started his career fired and dismissed him. Despite all these difficulties and obstacles, he understood his capabilities and potentials and successfully established one of the biggest brands in the world, Apple. 

    Jeff Bezos 

    Amazon is the king of the e-commerce market, and this success of led by Jeff Bezos with his dedication and hard work. After graduation, he started to work on Wall Street. With hard work, excellent leadership skills and critical thinking power, he became the youngest senior vice president at one of the reputed investment organisations, D. E. Shaws. After working in these companies when he realised the potential of the e-commerce market and left his lucrative job. After that, he started his journey of Amazon in his garage with very few people. He started the business by opening an online bookstore which later became one of the top e-commerce companies in the global market. 

    Sundar Pichai 

    Every individual in this world is most probably utilising Google right now for researching and getting information regarding any specific subject or thing. And the founder of this most successful web browser in the world is Sundar Pichai. He was a simple Indian boy who dreamt big and wanted to achieve success in life. His dedication, hard work and belief in his capabilities have led him to invent one of the most used web browsers, Google. 

    Walt Disney 

    Every child grows up by watching the Disney princesses, Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and many other cartoons, which are the production of Walt Disney. Disney means nostalgia for the young adults and a favourite time of the day for the little children. And this was brought by Walt Disney with his passion for animation and cartoons. He achieved this success through many hardships and failures. He tried to join the armed forces, for which he had to drop out of school and stop further education. But the attempt got to fail. Then he joined a company named Laugh-O-Gram Studios which got bankrupt. After that, he joined another company named Missouri Newspaper, but he got fired from that company because, as per the company, he was not creative enough to achieve the expectations of the company. After going through all these obstacles, he made his name famous by creating Alice (little girl) and Julius (cat) as the live cartoon character and gradually achieved success.

    Vincent Van Gogh

    One of the marvellous artists in history, Vincent Van Gogh gained success and popularity through his mesmerising artworks, mostly after his death. The biggest museums in the world represent his artwork even in the present time. His every artwork is a masterpiece. But Vincent Van Gogh suffered a lot in his life while making these artistic masterpieces. In his entire lifetime, he only sold one piece of artwork of his own. He faced continuous misfortune and failure as well as suffered from devastating mental illness, which led him to commit suicide at the age of 37. But now, his artworks are the inspiration for most of the artists in the world and are highly valued. 

    K. Rowling

    K. Rowling is the writer of one of the most selling books and which later became the best movie series, Harry Potter. Maybe every individual in this world has watched Harry Potter and passed down the movies and books generation after generation. However, J. K. Rowling has stated her hardships behind achieving this success. She stated that she had an unsuccessful marriage, and then the jobless and lonely life had been very difficult for her. To overcome this situation, she awakens the hidden writer in her and with creativity, she started her journey with Harry Potter, which became a successful hit of her career. 

    Satyajit Ray

    One of the best Indian filmmakers in history, Satyajit Ray had many talents and flourished the Bengali film industry with them. He was a filmmaker, documentary filmmaker, screenwriter, author, lyricist, essayist, magazine editor, calligrapher, illustrator, and music composer. Satyajit Ray is still widely considered the greatest filmmaker of all time. He started his career by working for The D.J. Keymer company. With his intelligence and passion for filmmaking, he started to film a very low budget movie with no popular actor, actress or proper equipment. With very minimal equipment and questionable success rate, he made ‘Pather Panchali’ and gained huge success in 1955. He left us with uncountable inspiring works in the world of cinema as well as illustration. 

    Stephen King

    Stephen King is one of the most renowned and famous writers in the world. He is an amazing writer, and through his writing, it can be observed that the imagination power of this author is mesmerising. As stated by Stephen King, “restless imagination is a power that cannot be contained”. However, he faced many hardships. In his childhood, he faced extreme poverty and misfortune, which influenced him to get addicted to alcohol and drugs. Despite this, he continued to follow his passion for writing, and now he is one of the renowned writers known for his horror, suspense, crime, supernatural fiction, fantasy, and science-fiction novels.

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