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    Transfer from Bank Transfer to Bitcoin (BTC)

    The very first BitCoin cryptocurrency, throughout its existence, has never ceased to be the most popular among digital coins, thanks to the following characteristics:

    • High Transaction Speed– if a bank transfer takes several days, then waiting for cryptocurrencies to arrive in your account takes only a few minutes;
    • No Restrictions– there is no limit on the amount for digital currency, after which transactions with coins would become unavailable;
    • Absence of Intermediaries– those who are directly affected take part in the transaction for the transfer of Bitcoin;
    • Transparency– transaction history is visible to all users of the system;
    • Security– ensured by blockchain technology. It is proposed to divide into public keys – used for making transfers, and private keys, stored only by the owner of the wallet;
    • Use of Advanced Technologies– verifying the authenticity of virtual coins and their transfer has been simplified; also, for business convenience, several features have been introduced: smart contracts and multi-signatures.

    Various means of payment can be used to pay for the purchase of Bitcoin, for example, a Wire transfer in US dollars.

    How to Exchange Money from a Bank Transfer to Bitcoin?

    It is impossible to buy Bitcoin directly through Wire transfer, but there are other exchange methods:

    • Direct Transaction– there are many thematic online platforms where you can find a Bitcoin seller and buy cryptocurrency on favorable terms. A high risk of encountering scammers accompanies this option;
    • Through Cryptocurrency Exchanges– a safe way, but convenient only for those who are considering investments in the long term and do not plan to use the exchanged funds, since with constant deposit and withdrawal of money, you can lose a significant amount by paying a commission for each financial transaction;
    • Through Online Exchangers– by going to the page, you can see how many services offer transfers from Bank transfer to Bitcoin (BTC). Still, you need to know specific nuances to choose the best one that differs in reliability and favorable exchange rate.

    Using a Service for Monitoring Exchangers

    There are unique resources that constantly monitor electronic currency exchangers, one of which is change. Its main goal is to offer users the most profitable and reliable exchangers. To do this, site administrators check each of them before inclusion in the list, and even after that, they continue to ensure that they fulfill all obligations. Since such ratings may include many exchangers, basic information about them is also indicated. It is updated every 10 seconds so that users find out the latest data, namely:

    • Current exchange rate;
    • Currency reserve;
    • Minimum and maximum transfer amount;
    • Customer reviews;
    • Transaction processing mode;
    • The need to verify a bank card and documents;
    • The total volume of reserves, etc.

    More information about the monitoring portal can be read by following the link

    To use it, select the desired currency pair in the left columns: Bank transfer to Bitcoin (BTC). Then, from the list presented, you need to choose the appropriate option based on the information provided and click on it. In the open exchange site, the user fills out a small application in which he indicates the desired exchange amount, bank card details, and Bitcoin wallet.

    After confirming the withdrawal of funds from the card, all that remains is to wait for the application to be processed by the online exchanger and for the receipt of digital coins.

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