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    According to a key official at the firm, British casual apparel manufacturer Urbanic is delisting from Walmart-backed Flipkart Group to adhere to its direct-to-consumer approach. The action fits with the company’s efforts to leave markets in all the countries where it conducts business.

    More about Urbanic Brand

    Fast fashion retailer Urbanic Dresses mainly sells its items online to customers in Latin America and Asia. India was chosen as its first foreign market when it was launched in 2019. Although the business first entered the market through its app, it teamed with the Flipkart Group in 2021 and began selling clothing on Flipkart and Myntra.

    Urbanic is getting ready to establish its website in India as part of its strategy to concentrate entirely on its platforms. The Gen-Z-focused company already has a mobile app that generates substantial traffic.

    Get end-of-season discounts of up to 90% from Urbanic coupon code are now being offered by Urbanic on a variety of product categories. It includes premium style dresses, blouses, two-piece suits, swimwear, Urbanic jeans, blazers, hoodies, t-shirts, shorts and many more. All items are available in a large, fashionable selection, at competitive prices, and with quick shipping.

    Shop for the newest dresses in a variety of two-piece Urbanic dress, shorts, bottom wear, trousers, and many other distinctive designs with Urbanic’s latest arrivals.

    What is the primary goal of Urbanic as a brand?

    As a brand, its primary objective is to produce innovative, sustainable clothes. To guarantee that every area of our business, including community and sustainability, is managed effectively, we use proprietary technology and AI.

    Unsurprisingly, this manufacturer company was launched in 2019 with an emphasis on developing countries. In 2019, India was the company’s initial market; as of today, it has grown to include Brazil and Mexico.

    The business presently operates in three areas that cater to female customers. It aims to give developing market female consumers access to high-end, reasonably priced fashion trends.

    According to the CEO, Urbanic is creating a community comprising its personnel, influencers, and consumers.

    Urbanic changes its emphasis to direct-to-consumer retail In India

    Moving ahead, Indian retailers of the Western clothing brand Urbanic will use a direct-to-customer business strategy. Urbanic online shopping will remove its items from India’s multi-brand e-commerce platform Flipkart as part of the British company’s effort to withdraw from marketplaces in the countries where it conducts business.

    This year, they are concentrating on adding additional localization components to their operations in India. To empower the neighbourhood, their local merchandising and design teams are actively looking for local producers that can work with locally produced materials. This localization issue is an important subject and a major area of work for us.

    With its direct-to-consumer business approach, Urbanic India can keep costs low while upholding high standards of quality.

    With its smartphone app, the company debuted in 2019 and initially targeted the Indian market. To sell products on Flipkart, which is owned by Walmart, as well as on its fashion website Myntra, Urbanic teamed with the company in 2021.

    Final Words

    The next stage for Urbanic will be the opening of an online store specifically targeted at the Indian market, which will function in addition to its mobile app. Given that India contributes to almost half of Urbanic’s overall income, the country is important to the brand. It is eager to manage its consumer relationships there fully.

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