Use Article Submission Sites to Publish Your Content

    Content is king. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, an entrepreneur, or a blogger looking to increase your online presence, the significance of well-crafted articles cannot be underestimated. One way to amplify your reach and boost your visibility is through article submission sites. These platforms allow you to exhibit your expertise, share valuable insights, and connect with a broader audience. Keep reading to know more about free article submission sites.

    What are Article Submission Sites?

    Article submission sites are online platforms that allow users to publish their articles on various topics, reaching a wider audience beyond their websites or blogs. These platforms host articles on diverse subjects, attracting readers with varying interests. By leveraging article submission sites, writers and content creators can gain exposure and build valuable backlinks to their websites. It thus can significantly impact their search engine rankings.

    Benefits of Using Article Submission Sites

    • Free Internet Marketing

    Most of the article submission websites let you include links directing readers to your blog within the content. This provides an excellent opportunity for promoting your products using free marketing media. Additionally, leveraging this approach can lead to an increase in high-quality backlinks to your blogs.

    • Enhanced Business Credibility

    Article submission sites provide an author bio box at the bottom of the article, allowing you to introduce yourself and your business. This space will enable you to use keywords to create a detailed description that effectively advertises your products. Additionally, within this bio box, you can include a link to your blog, further enhancing your online presence and visibility.

    • Quality Backlinks

    When you include links to your website in the articles you submit, you can build quality backlinks that enhance your website’s authority and SEO ranking.

    • Establishing Authority

    By consistently sharing valuable content, you can position yourself as an expert in your field, earning the trust and respect of your readers.

    • Networking Opportunities

    Engaging with other writers and readers on these platforms can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and valuable networking opportunities.

    Top Free Article Submission Sites

    There are several article submission sites for you to consider. In this regard, check out the below-described article submission sites list.


    Medium is one of the most popular and reputable platforms for publishing articles. It has a vast readership and allows you to reach a broad audience interested in diverse topics. This is one of the best free article submission sites.


    HubPages enables writers to share their expertise in an array of subjects. It also provides a built-in ad program that allows you to earn from your content.


    With a vast readership and established reputation, EzineArticles lets you publish articles across various categories and includes an author bio section to promote your website or blog. This is among the best free article publishing sites.

    LinkedIn Pulse

    Leveraging the power of LinkedIn’s professional network, LinkedIn Pulse enables you to publish articles that resonate with a business-oriented audience.

    Article Alley

    Article Alley hosts articles on numerous topics, and its simple submission process makes it an accessible platform for new writers.


    Buzzle covers an extensive range of categories and allows you to include links to your website, offering an excellent opportunity for building backlinks.


    As the name suggests, SelfGrowth focuses on personal development and self-improvement articles, making it ideal for writers in the self-help niche.


    ArticlesBase has been around for a while, featuring articles on diverse subjects and providing a platform for authors to reach a wide audience.


    SooperArticles accepts articles on various topics and encourages writers to show their expertise while connecting with readers.


    Specializing in technology, marketing, and blogging-related content, WPressBlog is an excellent platform to share your insights in these fields.

    Things to Consider before Opting for Article Submission Sites

    Article submission sites can be a valuable tool for expanding your online presence and reaching a wider audience. However, before diving into the world of these platforms, it’s essential to consider a few crucial factors to ensure that your efforts yield the desired results. One must consider few essential aspects before opting for article submission sites.

    • Platform Reputation and Authority

    Research the reputation and authority of the article submission sites you’re considering. Choose platforms with a good track record of quality content and a strong user base. Well-established sites with a reputable history are more likely to offer a reliable audience and better exposure for your articles.

    • Audience Relevance

    Consider whether the platform’s audience aligns with your target readership. Ensure that the site caters to the demographics and interests of your intended audience. Publishing content on sites that attract readers interested in your niche will lead to higher engagement and a more significant impact.

    • Content Guidelines and Quality Standards

    Review the content guidelines and quality standards of the article submission sites you’re interested in. Some platforms may have strict editorial guidelines to maintain the quality of content. Ensure your writing style and topics comply with their requirements to increase the chances of your articles getting accepted.

    • Follow and No-Follow Links

    Understand the site’s policy on links within articles. Some platforms allow do-follow links, which pass link authority to your website, benefiting your SEO. Others may permit no-follow links. Strike a balance between sites offering different link types for a diversified backlink profile.

    • Search Engine Impact

    Be mindful of how article submission sites impact your website’s search engine ranking. While quality backlinks from reputable sites can boost your SEO, poor-quality backlinks from spammy platforms can harm your rankings. Prioritize sites that have a positive reputation and adhere to Google’s guidelines.

    • Potential for Duplication

    Avoid submitting the same article to multiple article submission sites simultaneously. Duplicate content can hurt your SEO efforts, as search engines may penalize you for publishing identical content across various platforms. Instead, focus on creating unique and tailored articles for each submission.

    • Copyright and Ownership

    Review the platform’s terms of service to understand its policies regarding copyright and ownership of your content. Ensure that you retain the rights to your work and that the platform doesn’t claim exclusive ownership.


    Publishing your content on free article submission sites can be a transformative step for your online endeavours. By recognizing the potential of these platforms, carefully selecting the right ones, producing high-quality content, and maintaining a persistent presence, you can broaden your reach. In this way, you can establish yourself as an authoritative voice, and witness a substantial boost in website traffic and overall online influence. So, you have every reason to dive into the realm of this, share your valuable insights with the world, and watch your online presence soar to new heights.

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