What is the Procedure for Getting a PVC Aadhaar Card?

    To make it simple for people to carry their Aadhar number, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the organization that issues Aadhar, is now distributing the PVC Aadhar card (similar to PAN cards). A small charge must be paid to obtain an Aadhar card in PVC form.

    The Answer to How to Get an Aadhaar PVC Card is Stated Below-

    Who is Eligible to Receive this Card?

    Anyone with an Aadhar number can obtain this print Aadhaar PVC card. You can order a PVC card with any mobile number if your number isn’t already listed in the Aadhar database.

    Characteristics of the PVC Aadhaar Card

    The UIDAI website states that the most recent version of the Aadhar to be released by UIDAI is the PVC Card. The PVC-based Aadhar Card contains various security measures, including a digitally signed secure QR code with photo and demographic information, and is lightweight and durable. The print Aadhar card PVC features a security Guilloche Pattern, Hologram, Micro Text, Ghost Image, and QR Code.

    How to Request an Aadhaar PVC Card Step-by-Step?

    • First, go to
    • From the My Aadhar Tab, choose Order Aadhar PVC Card.
    • Log in with your 12-digit Aadhar number or 28-digit enrolment ID. Type the security code in. Check the box if you still need to register your mobile number. Choose an on-registered/alternate mobile number to send a one-time password.
    • Select “Send OTP.” Your registered mobile number or the number you provide will receive a one-time password. The OTP’s validity period is only 10 minutes.
    • After entering the OTP, select the box next to “Terms and Conditions” by checking it. Hit “Submit.”
    • You can view a preview of the Aadhar card for verification if your mobile number is listed in the UIDAI database. The preview will only be available if a cell phone number is registered.

    Aadhaar PVC Card Ordering Fees

    An individual must pay Rs 50 to order a PVC Aadhar card (including GST and speed post charges). For PVC Aadhar card delivery time, it is stated that after receiving the request, the UIDAI will give the card to the post office within five working days, and Speed Post services will be used to send the PVC card.

    Under the ‘My Aadhar’ tab on, you may follow the status of the PVC Aadhar card. E-Aadhar, m-Aadhar, Aadhar letters, and Aadhar cards are all equally legitimate types of Aadhar. The resident may choose to use any of these UIDAI-issued Aadhar forms.

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