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    All About Gujarat’s Narendra Modi Stadium?

    The first public building in India to bear Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name is the Narendra Modi Stadium. The largest cricket stadium in the world is called Narendra Modi Stadium, and it is situated close to the banks of the Sabarmati River.

    With a capacity of 132,000 people, it is the largest cricket stadium in the world at present. To support the development of local cricket talent, the stadium was built in 1982. The stadium could once accommodate 49,000 cricket fans.

    About Narendra Modi Stadium

    Gujarat Cricket Association decided to rebuild the stadium and make it the largest cricket stadium in the world in October 2015, guided by the vision of then-GCA President and current Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

    The renovation project was finished in February 2020 and can now hold more than 1.3 lakh cricket spectators. The 90,000-seat Melbourne Cricket Ground was surpassed by the brand-new Narendra Modi stadium capacity, setting a new record.

    The structure took nine months to complete. In past this stadium host many matches like in 1984–1985 it hosted Australia’s first one-day international victory against India.

    Five of the 15 games of the 2006 edition of the ICC Champions Trophy were played in this stadium, which was transformed into the tournament’s focal point. To host the tournament, the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium underwent modifications to add three new pitches and a new outfield. The stadium was renovated, and as part of it, covered stands and floodlights were added.

    Some History of Cricket in this Stadium

    • Sunil Gavaskar reached 10,000 test runs and became the game’s leading run-scorer in 1986–1987 against Pakistan.
    • Kapil Dev broke Sir Richard Hadlee’s test cricket record by taking his 432nd wicket in February 1994 to become the test cricket player with the most wickets.
    • Sagi Lakshmi Venkatapathy Raju’s 11 wickets against Sri Lanka on February 8th, 1994, was a great bowling effort. In the second test of South Africa’s tour to India in 2008, AB de Villiers scored two tonnes against India.
    • Team India’s victory over Australia in the 2011 ICC World Cup quarterfinals was significant at the Narendra Modi Stadium.
    • Sachin Tendulkar made history in 2013 by becoming the first player to amass 30,000 runs in international cricket.

    Pitch Report for Narendra Modi Stadium

    Talking about Narendra Modi stadium pitch report, the spinners were able to completely destroy the batting lineups of both teams in the last two Test matches that were played at the Narendra Modi Stadium, making them one-sided affairs in favour of the hosts.

    Although the pitch at this location would be the same as the ones used for the first three Test matches, if the curators are to be believed, things will likely go even out.

    Although there are obvious patches of grass along the entire length and width of the track, the pitch’s initial appearance does suggest the same, which may very well imply that the spinners are not likely to turn the ball square straight away.

    Stadium Design and Facilities

    • There are four entrances to the stadium, which contains 63 acres of land, with a metro line at one of them.
    • The Narendra Modi stadium Ahmedabad has a field of 180 yards by 150 yards.
    • There are 76 corporate boxes with a capacity of 25 people each, a 55-room clubhouse, an Olympic-sized pool, and four team dressing rooms.
    • The stadium’s LED roof lights, which replace the standard floodlights on the cricket ground, are a distinctive feature.
    • The stadium has a translucent circular PTFE fibreglass tensile membrane roof made by Walter P Moore to shield spectators from the sun and rain.


    The thrill of seeing a game in the biggest Narendra Modi stadium is priceless. Many overlook the significance of such a significant milestone and what will be accomplished when they focus solely on the cost of this milestone. The nation feels superior in the sport of cricket. It moves up the priority list for ICC tournaments and cups since it has the largest cricket stadium in the world, seven-star facilities, and cutting-edge technology.

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