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    Social media is dominating the whole world and WhatsApp is one of the topmost apps among the social media platforms. It is the top messaging app in more than 100 countries. Worldwide WhatsApp has over 2.5 billion users and the number is rapidly increasing. It is a subsidiary brand of Facebook. In 2020, the total revenue of WhatsApp was $5.5 billion. The top three countries where WhatsApp is being used by a wide number of users are India [390 million users], Brazil [108 million users], and United States [75 million users]. WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded messaging apps. 

    In the era of digitalization, the demand for apps like WhatsApp is rapidly increasing. This app provides a wide range of features and benefits to its users which make it easy for the users to utilize the app. Additionally, the outbreak of the pandemic has also upsurged the requirement and demand of this app as through WhatsApp now individuals can text, audio call, video call and can even transfer money with proper safety and security. Many organizations and individuals utilize this app also for official purposes. 

    WhatsApp Business is one of the most useful and efficient features provided by the brand. It has now become a quite effective tool for commerce. With the help of WhatsApp Business and various additional features, this platform now has become a great retail place through which individuals can supply products and other services as per their needs. Key features of WhatsApp Business are payments in the Indian market, integration of Facebook shops, interactive automatic business messages, catalogs, message statistics, contact labels, automatic away message, automatic welcome message, quick replies and effective business profile. With all this wide range of features and benefits for the users, WhatsApp is growing and developing rapidly as well as introducing new and innovative features frequently. 

    WhatsApp New Update 2021

    Till now WhatsApp has provided a vast range of quite useful features with an interesting interface for the users which has made it easy for the users to utilize the app smoothly. The new updated version of WhatsApp in 2021 is WhatsApp-221212.apk. One of the attractive features of the app after the new update is that individuals would be able to chat even during video calls and other additional activities such as upload status. Now individuals will be able to add stickers to their photos on WhatsApp. It has many more additional features such as backup in Google drive, formatting options for texts such as bold and italics, mark read and unread options for messages, low use of data, customizable notification options, sharing options for important documents in various forms such as PDF, Docs and many others. 

    WhatsApp on Multiple Devices 

    WhatsApp is developing a new multi-device feature that will allow users to link their main account to another tablet or phone. It is one of the biggest changes brought by WhatsApp. This new feature of one of the top messaging apps, multi-device support will provide solutions for long-standing issues which have been faced by many users. With the help of this new feature, users of WhatsApp can use and open their one single account on various devices simultaneously. And for this, users won’t have to connect the primary device with the internet, where the account was opened initially. Personal messages, calls, and media of the users will remain end-to-end encrypted. This multi-device feature of WhatsApp is available for both Android and iPhones. 

    In order to have the advantage of this new feature, first individuals have to update WhatsApp to the latest version and then need to follow the following steps. 

    • Open WhatsApp and click on the More option 
    • Click on Linked Devices 
    • Then there will a be a new option ‘Multi-device beta’, click on that
    • Then click to join Beta

    The new multi-device beta feature of WhatsApp is an opt-in program that provides an early admittance to utilize the new version of WhatsApp for Desktop, Portal and Web. If an individual joins this new multi-device beta, that individual will be able to utilize associated companion devices. And for this, there is no need to keep the phone connected or the initial device connected where the account was first opened. The personal messages, calls and media will still be end-to-end encrypted for the safety and security of the users. However, there are few facts that need to be considered by the users if they are utilizing this multi-device feature. The facts are, 

    • An individual can use WhatsApp by utilizing this feature on a maximum of four companion devices at a time. Additionally, only one smartphone can be associated with the WhatsApp account at that time. 
    • People still need to register their account and then link with new devices with the phone 
    • If an individual does not use his/her phone for more than 14 days the associated devices will be automatically disconnected. 

    Along with all these factors which need to be considered, there are few other unsupported features are present for this multi-device feature which is as follows, 

    • Cannot delete or clear chats on associated devices if the primary device of the account is an iPhone
    • Cannot utilize tablets as an associated device
    • Cannot call or message any person who is utilizing the old version of WhatsApp
    • Unable to see live location by the companion devices 
    • Unable to view or create a list of broadcasts on associated devices

     These are few limitations of the new multi-device feature of WhatsApp. Apart from these few barriers, this new feature provides a wide range of advantages. Now, there is no need to worry for any person when he/she has forgotten the mobile phone at the office desk after entering the meeting room because with this new multi-device feature any person will be able to access their WhatsApp account without their mobile phone by other devices like laptops and desktops.

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