Why Should You Own Gold? Find Out Some Ultimate Reasons to Buy Them

    As the Indian culture describes, gold is associated with secrecy. Gifting gold to daughters during their marriage is believed to be lucky in India and becomes good fortune. Many Indians wear gold, affixed with some gems to bring luck. There are many other facts about gold from ancient times; people used to accumulate gold and build up an asset to secure their future.

    Whether this yellow metal can bring favour is unknown, but it is equivalent to money. This led people to learn about the value of this metal, and as days passed, many people started owning gold; they tried to discover other methods of how gold could secure their livelihood and the economic disorder of which ordinary people often become victims.

    ‘Why’ and ‘How’ to Acquire this Yellow Metal-Gold

    This precious metal has a history that determined its unsinking value over decades despite reflecting volatility in the price on a short-term basis. Although there are some other certain factors-it acts as a good hedge at times of inflation, economic uncertainty, and so on; finally, it provides a robust diversification in the portfolio as its price has shown a negative correlation to the ups and downs of the stock market and other investment instruments.

    How to invest in gold? Many vehicles provide their services in selling gold bars, coins, and digital formation. You can own gold from platforms like Banks. They are reliable and trustworthy to satisfy your questions.

    Illustrating Eight Strong Reasons for Owning Gold

    • Portfolio Diversification: The key to diversification relies on the factor when each investment instrument does not relate to the other. As said earlier, gold negatively correlates to the stock market; incorporating gold in your investment portfolio would decrease the risk and volatility when combined with other instruments like stocks and mutual funds.
    • Increase in Demand: In the previous year, the emerging market condition of India led to increasing demand for gold. India is positioned in second place as its people consume gold in every aspect; it is an integral part of their lives, similar to China’s. Indian people use gold in various ways: in jewellery form, in bars and coins to gift their nearest one, and now in digital formats to avoid the hassle of buying offline. The upgrading income upliftment drove many families, even the mediocre, influencing them to purchase gold frequently.
    • Constraint in Supply Channel- The supply of gold is led by the selling of the gold bullions that existed in the vaults of central banks since 1990, but it showed a sharp decline in the sale of gold from 2008 due to the decrease in the mining of gold. According to the survey, annual gold mining output reduced to 12444 metric tons and 2573 metric tons in 2000. But due to the increase in the robust demand for this yellow metal, many gold mining centres have been established worldwide, leading to a drastic increase in production. But still, in 2023, investors have constraints on the proper supply channel.
    • Protecting the Deflation Rate in the Economy- It is a period when the economy slows down, and prices decrease due to the overburden of debt of the economy. The GTE at Depression of 1930 is an example. During the depression, the purchasing power of gold soared, where purchasing of their prices decreased. People try to hoard cash to buy gold to save them as an asset which is a worthy rival of an imbalanced economy.
    • No Issuer Risk is Related- Owning physical gold protects you against issuer risk. If you buy gold certificates, bonds, or warrants, you are up against what is commonly known as issuer risk. While buying gold with a certificate, there is no chance of issuer risk because the value of the yellow metal does not decline, and the issuer comes up with the risk of providing false certification of its authenticity. This may be one of the reasons for owning gold in its poured form with accreditation from a renowned shop.
    • Considered as a Liquidity Asset- Indians believe that investing in a particular object will give the total return of the price value and the profit inclined. Therefore, they chose the precious yellow metal in this course. When you sell gold, it will be sold at the current price rate, and the price is upward; the return is equivalent to the current price, where the profit is already implemented without any discount process.
    • No risk in investing in digital Gold- Many investors own this metal in its digital gold, which is affordable and requires no storage value. It incorporated flexibility to buy in small denominations as well. The profit from this gold depends on the market price rate directly; digital gold’s returns are based on the market price of physical gold. This emerging method stimulates people to own gold by making payments along with a 3% GST on gold in India is necessary through digital payment methods.
    • The Increasing Price Value of Gold: The price of gold increases due to the decrease in the US dollar against other currencies. From 1998 to 2008 was the period of such deterioration of the US Dollar. This prompted people to flock to gold as a security material, raising the price of gold. In that phase of time, gold’s price increased three times, which was a vast upward trending line compared to other investment instruments. From such examples, investors can consider that Gold price always tends to increase after four to five years without fail.

    Buy Digital Gold Online: It’s Your Turn Now

    After reading about the reasons for owning gold, it must have convinced potential customers to buy gold. However, purchase the gold from a reliable store like DIGIGOLD only. They assure you the purity of the gold by serving 24-karat gold. You can buy digital gold online easily from them or even do SIP without any lock-in period.

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