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    5 Wonderful Facetime Apps for Android

    Nowadays video calling has got special importance in our lives, specifically during life, specifically during the pandemic. Due to worldwide lockdown, video call has been the only option for us to get to see our family and friends who got stuck in another city or country. Just like this reason, many other reasons have increased the significance of Facetime calling apps for us. If you have a smartphone with a front camera, you will be able to utilize a wide range of Facetime calling apps. Here are the top 5 Facetime apps which you can download easily on your android phone from Google Play. 

    1. Google Duo 

    When it comes to trust in a technological bra, Google is on the top list. Maybe every individual in India uses Google chrome or Google Play Store to search download new apps, respectively. Considering the high emergence of video calling, Google introduced the Google Duo Facetime app. It is one of the feasible Facetime apps available for android phones. It can be easily downloaded from Google Play and is quite convenient to utilize. It is free to use. And a maximum of 32 people can join a call at a time. 

    2. Zoom

    It has been widely utilized for official purposes for the last few years. This Facetime app mainly gained popularity during the pandemic when an uncountable number of individuals shifted to work from their homes and had to be present in the office meeting via a video call. Zoom is the perfect Facetime app for official purposes. However, it has a subscription requirement. You can use Zoom for free but the limitation will allow only 3 people at a time. But if you want to take the Prior tier plan of Zoo, you have to pay near about Rs 1000. But with this plan will be able to allow 100 individuals to join the call at a time. 

    3. Skype 

    Skype has been in the market for a long time. Even when most individuals were not accustomed to the idea of video calling that much, Skype has been introduced in the market since then. You can use this Facetime app easily on your smartphone and desktop, and it is easy to download and convenient to use. In addition, it is also a free Facetime app available for android. Another key feature of this app is that it supports international calls available on all platforms. But if you want to use it for business purposes, you have to pay for it.

    4. WhatsApp

    Almost every individual in India is currently using this app, WhatsApp. It has become one of the top applications for texting and calling online. It is also widely utilized for business purposes. And the amazing fact is that it is entirely free. And so is the video calling facility of this app. It has end-to-end encryption for protection. With a stable internet connection, you will conduct a video call. Even it is free. It allows a quite convenient number of people to join the call at a time which is 50. You can also use it for desktop, but for that, your phone must have appropriately connected with the desktop. 

    5. Instagram

    It is another popular social media platform widely utilized by people worldwide. You can also use this social media app as a Facetime call app. With Instagram, now you can video call anyone you want, which is free. But the people limitation is for six individuals.

    Therefore, each of the above described Facetime apps come with different features and benefits that you must know about. You have the liberty to choose any of the options as per your personal preference and demand.

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