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    A Complete List of 2022 FIFA World Cup Sponsors and Brands

    The FIFA World Cup 2023 is being held in Qatar this year. The biggest sporting event in the world, the FIFA world cup sponsors many businesses and organizations that sponsor it. Any tournament needs sponsors since they fund events and brand exposure.

    The competition for the championship title features 32 of the top national teams in the world. The game will be broadcast live online or on television, and soccer fans with tickets can watch it in person at the stadium.

    List of FIFA Partners

    Any tournament needs sponsors since they give the initiatives and brand marketing financial backing.

    Many companies are vying to become sponsors. One of the most effective marketing platforms in the world is the FIFA World Cup

    • Adidas (sportswear)
    • Coca-Cola (beverage)
    • Wanda Group (conglomerate)
    • Hyundai/Kia Motors (automotive)
    • Qatar Airways (airline)
    • Qatar Energy (oil & gas)
    • Visa (financial services)

    The 2022 FIFA World Cup FIFA World Cup Sponsors?

    FIFA offers different levels of sponsorship. Regional, World Cup, and FIFA Partners are the different types of sponsors. The governing body is presently putting a new, four-tiered system into place. FIFA seeks to improve overall sponsorship revenue by separating the women’s and esports branches from the men’s.

    The Indian-based EdTech company BYJUS FIFA sponsorship of the FIFA world cup 2022 sponsors will now serve as the tournament’s new partner. Additionally, we can observe a few sports brands, soft drinks, airlines, vehicles, movies, and other businesses on the official FIFA website.

    Portugal’s national football team has signed a sponsorship deal with Amul, India’s largest dairy firm, for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Amul also started supporting the Lionel Messi-led Argentina football squad. With the sponsorship of the Ireland cricket squad for the T20 World Cup, Amul has been extending its global reach. Argentina and Portugal will have the largest sponsorship deals.

    The total estimated expenditures for the 2022 World Cup FIFA sponsorship amount is $1,696 million. A decrease from the $1,824 million costs associated with the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup. As the month-long soccer tournament with the biggest brands draws near, there will be scandals, chances, and storylines to watch.

    These companies have global rights, but just for the World Cup competition.

    FIFA’s seven World Cup sponsors are:

    • Budweiser (alcoholic beverage partner)
    • Byju’s (educational technology)
    • com (cryptocurrency platform)
    • Hisense (electronics & household appliances)
    • McDonald’s (restaurants & real estate)
    • Mengniu Milk (dairy products)
    • Vivo (consumer electronics)

    New Sponsor Added in FIFA 2022

    Visitors will see Adidas, Kappa, Hummel, Majid, New Balance, Marathon, Nike, One All Sports, and Puma uniforms. Qatar Airways has become a new sponsor of the 2022 World Cup in association with FIFA. Qatar Airlines is promoting and marketing the following competition. As far as Qatar Airlines is concerned, this is the largest deal Qatar Airlines has ever signed.

    The FIFA World Cup, the premier event of the governing body, brings in money. In 2022—the World Cup year—the expected total revenue is $4,666 million. Five main revenue categories make up the total. FIFA world cup sponsors revenue comes in second with $1,353 million, making up 29% of the total. Revenue and earnings of $673 million come from license rights, ticket sales, and other sources.

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