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    Drumstick Benefits: Why You Must Incorporate It in Your Diet?

    Moringa oleifera, or drumstick, is a drought-resistant tree known by several names. Drumstick benefits are plentiful, as every part of the tree is valuable for its nutritional value. This superfood helps address all chronic diseases. It is also beneficial as an essential ingredient in traditional medicine.

    Drumstick Leaves Benefits

    Every single part of the plant is valuable. And drumstick leaves benefits alone are commendable. For instance, it is a rich source of zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and selenium. The fresh pods of the plant serve as a source of oleic acid and other healthy fats. These fats help in heart health. As far as dry powdered leaves are concerned, they are a great source of amino acids.

    The leaves of Moringa serve as an excellent source of vitamin B complex, beta carotene, vitamins C and K. The leaves are full of minerals. It also contains a considerable amount of dietary fibre and proteins.

    Aside from the above, leaves are rich in antioxidants and contain chlorogenic acid and quercetin. Not just that, supplements of moringa leaves are found to foster levels of blood antioxidants.

    To sum it up, let us look at the benefits of drumsticks in the points below.

    7 Drumstick Benefits

    Since drumsticks have many benefits, let’s find out why incorporating moringa into your diet regularly makes sense.

    1. Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

    If your blood sugar levels are high, incorporate drumsticks into your diet. Aside from helping maintain sugar levels, it is also great for your gall bladder.

    2. Boosts Immunity

    Moringa’s antibacterial properties and vitamin C enhance its goodness. Thus, you can be safe from seasonal flu, cough, and colds that occur due to fluctuations in temperature.

    3. Improves Bone Density

    Get stronger bones with the optimum amount of iron and calcium, which are essential for maintaining bone health. This is also another reason why drumsticks are recommended for pregnant women.

    4. Improves Digestive Functions

    We know that fibre is excellent for your gut. It keeps your bowel movements regular and on track. Also, since drumsticks contain vitamins B12, niacin, and riboflavin, they help alleviate gut issues.

    5. Prevents Respiratory Disorders

    If you must remember, during the Covid-19 pandemic, moringa was highly recommended. This is because the COVID-19 virus that first attacked the respiratory tract could be kept at bay to a certain extent by the intake of moringa, which has anti-inflammatory properties and was a recommended alternative health trick for respiratory illness.

    6. Helps in Blood Purification

    Drumstick benefits also include proper blood circulation and improving the level of oxygen in the blood. Optimum oxygen content means better blood quality.

    7. Fosters Female Sexual Health

    It aids in spermatogenesis and addresses problems like female infertility issues.

    8. Treats Hypertension

    The benefits of drumsticks also include regulating hypertension. Due to the presence of bioactive compounds, such as isothiocyanate and niaziminin, drumsticks help circumvent the thickening of the arteries, which in turn reduces the chances of getting hypertension.

    9. Healthy Kidney

    Drumstick benefits will also be seen if you add it to your diet. It improves kidney health and reduces the incidence of stones and bladder and kidney ailments.

    10. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

    The presence of vitamins A, C, and beta carotene, in addition to niaziminin, helps suppress cancer cells. Drumstick’s rich antioxidant profile gathers free radicals and keeps at bay the damage to oxidative cells.

    11. Addresses Edema

    Oedema is a condition wherein there is a build-up of fluid in particular tissues. It can be very painful and cause the body or the specific part to swell up. Since drumsticks have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, you can prevent yourself from getting the same.

    12. Improves the Health of the Liver

    The benefits of drumsticks also include enhancing liver health. The liver, we know, helps flush out the toxins from our body. It also assists the gall bladder in secreting bile. Drumstick benefits for the liver include the hepatoprotective property of glutathione in the body, which aids in detoxification.

    13. Defer’s Signs of Aging

    The oil in moringa and its leaves prevents wrinkles, makes skin firmer and younger-looking, and removes blemishes. Apply moringa oil and leaf powder to your face as a paste, leave it on for 15 minutes, and wash off.

    To wrap up, drumstick benefits far outnumber the ones mentioned here. Due to its therapeutic, anti-inflammatory, and oxidant properties, to name just a few, it is a much sought-after superfood that you must include in your diet.

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