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    Gautam Adani, the First Asian to Rank in the Top 3 Richest People in the World

    In terms of wealth, Gautam Adani is now ranked 3rd in the world. The chairman of business giant Adani Group surpasses Louis Vuitton chairman Bernard Arnault in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index rankings.

    Top 5 Billionaires In World

    The list of the richest people in the world might change from year to year depending on their most recent net worth and financial performance. The top 5 richest people in the world as of August 30, 2022, according to the real-time Bloomberg Billionaires Index, are shown below-

    1. Elon Musk
    2. Jeff Bezos
    3. Gautam Adani and family
    4. Bernard Arnault & Family
    5. Bill Gates

    Net Worth Of Gautam Adani

    World’s third richest man, Adani’s net worth of USD 137.4 billion, places him just behind business magnates Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. It has never happened before for an Asian to rank among the Bloomberg Billionaires Index’s top three.

    A total net worth of USD 91.9 billion makes Mukesh Ambani the 11th richest man on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

    The world’s wealthiest people are listed each day in the index. On each billionaire’s profile page, there is a net worth analysis that includes specifics about the calculations. Each trading day in New York concludes with an update of the figures.

    In terms of net worth, Elon Musk accounts for USD 251 billion, and Jeff Bezos accounts for USD 153 billion.

    Little More About Gautam Adani Group

    Adani, a first-generation businessman, is the leader of the Adani Group, which consists of seven publicly traded firms with interests in energy, defence and aerospace, ports and logistics, mining and resources, gas, and airports. The Group, a pioneer in its business fields, has established a significant footprint in India. The Adani Group is India’s third-largest conglomerate, behind the Tata Group and Reliance Industries.

    Adani Enterprises, the company’s flagship, has made significant investments in new growth industries over the past five years, including data centres, green hydrogen, petrochemical refinery, roads, solar cell manufacturing, data centres, airports, cement, copper refining, and green hydrogen.

    Aside from its ambitious goals for the green hydrogen sector and the airports’ industry, it plans to enter the communications industry soon. In addition, the Group announced plans to set up a 4.1 mtpa integrated alumina refinery in Odisha, which would cost over Rs 580 billion.

    Gautam Adani informed shareholders during the Adani Group’s Annual General Meeting in late July that as part of its corporate social responsibility to the community, the company has decided to donate Rs 60,000 crore to charitable work focused chiefly on rural India’s needs in the areas of healthcare, education, and skill development.

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