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    Gen Bipin Rawat- One of the Top Indian Commander

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    One of the top military commanders of Indian, Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat, died on Wednesday, 8th December 2021, in a helicopter crash. A total of 14 persons died in this accident, including Gen Bipin Rawat and his wife, Mrs Madhulika Rawat. The CDS was on his way to the Defence Service Staff College, Wellington, for a lecture. But the journey was unsuccessful as the IAF Mi-17 helicopter by which they were travelling crashed near Coonoor in Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu on Wednesday. The Indian Air Force showed their deep regret on this unfortunate incident where 14 individuals had to lose their lives. 

    As reported, the accident took place in somehow this manner. When the chopper was about a few minutes away from the destination, it hit a tree which caused a devastating crash, and the chopper caught fire which resulted in a dreadful incident. 63 years old Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat has the reputation of being an inspiring commander and a tough soldier. Defence Minister of India Rajnath Singh paid tribute to the victims in Parliament on Thursday. Mr Singh has stated, “With profound grief and heavy heart, I stand to convey the unfortunate news of the crash of the military helicopter in the noon of 8 December 2021, with India’s first Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Bipin Rawat on board.”  


    India has lost one of its best soldiers. The accident of Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat represented in media as a devastating and unfortunate accident that suddenly took place. But few rumours are spreading that this accident is not a simple unfortunate incident that took the lives of several people. The chopper helicopter in which the Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat was travelling along with his wife and several other people is considered one of the safest and toughest helicopters. It was specifically provided for the CDS. The helicopter can survive in any toughest and critical conditions. Considering the safety measurements of the Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat, the chopper was provided to him. Now the question is when a tough helicopter-like IAF Mi-17 was provided, then how come a devastating accident took place just by crashing a tree that took the lives of 11 people along with Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat and his wife. Considering all these controversies regarding the death of the CDS, an inquiry has been initiated for ascertaining the death cause. 

    Many individuals worldwide have shown regret and grief on the death of Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat. Ambassador of Israel, Naor Gilon, has stated that ‘the CDS was a hero of India as well as a champion and a key pillar of the strong defence relationship between India and Israel. For Israel, it is a very deep loss of a friend. The top leaders of Israel have known him very closely and valued his friendship.

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