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    How Does Indian Mythology Relate to Modern Science?

    Yes, Indian mythology does depict the advanced state of science at the time. Hindu Puranas explains that technology cannot easily be called mythology because calling something mythology implies that all the events, way of life, and technology portrayed are nothing more than myths.

    However, calling the Hindu Puranas a myth is entirely false because they provide in-depth descriptions of even the smallest details.

    About Indian Mythology

    The wealth of information in the myths conveys religious experiences and projects role models of behavior patterns that clarify various forms of worship and link contemporary culture to earlier eras.

    The branch of mythology that describes the spiritual capacity of people and civilizations is summed up by contemporary mythology theories. Indian mythology‘s various tales have been passed down through the generations both orally and through meticulously preserved records. These tales, the foundation of Indian mythology, are a fantastic way to pique the attention of the younger generation, both indigenous people and non-natives, in Indian culture.

    Information on Vedic Mythology                             

    It connects to the legendary elements that may be found in the ancient Vedic literature, which is primarily centered on the spirituals of the Ṛgvedha. There were 14 main Puranas, including 4 Vedas in the Hindu religion. They continue to be revered today as the primary works of the ancient Indian culture.

    Vedic literature contains many features that are shared by Indo-European mythical traditions, including the myths of the Persian, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Germanic, and Slavic civilizations. This is highly interesting to observe. In many aspects, both Hinduism and Hindu mythology have evolved and developed due to Vedic technology.

    Every nation has a rich mythological history. Even though there are many Vedic science facts and historical examples of mythology, not all of them have been verified by academics.

    Are the Vedas facts or fiction? So, the background of the region they have spoken of has been fascinated by the ancient tales that have either been passed down orally or written down by hermits and intellectuals.

    The old Vedic religion and Vedic civilization are where the science in Vedas that developed from traditional Hinduism has its roots. Myths to numerous themes can be found in the four Vedas, especially the hymns of the Rigveda. Hindu religious views relate to the characters, culture, and tales that make up the ancient Vedic myths.

    There are four Vedas, starting –

    • RigVeda
    • Yajurveda
    • Samaveda
    • Atharva Veda

    Compatibilities Between Indian Mythology and Vedic Knowledge

    The development of human civilization is primarily due to technological and scientific developments. Since the classical era, India has contributed to Vedic science and technology. What we refer to as “traditional knowledge” is still grounded in scientific principles today.

    • The wisdom in our ancestors’ epics, like the Mahabharata and Ramayana, serves as a guide for people looking for enlightenment and contains timeless lessons about the triumph of virtue over evil.
    • Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world, with millions of adherents in India and worldwide. It has compiled the heroic epics and sacred tales that made up Hinduism’s mythology for over 3,000 years. It alters and transforms into creativity, devastation, desire, and conflict.
    • The intriguing thing about Hindu scriptures is that the more logically you study them, the more astounding scientific discoveries you will discover. Hindu Scriptures have references to the time dilation theory.
    • Contrary to armament technology, modern aerospace technologies have not yet advanced to the point where they could be compared to the Ramayana or the Mahabharat. There were numerous Vimanas used by gods and demigods during the Ramayana to get from one area to another. This chapter briefly examines mantras, yantras, and tantra power, the technology employed, and how knowledge was developed through these tools.

    The technologies that we are currently experiencing were cited in Indian mythology. As a result, the emphasis of this article has been on proving that Indian mythology is the source of modern technology, even on the worldwide platform.

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