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    India National Cricket Team Vs Australian Men’s Cricket Team Timeline

    Cricket has always been a favourite among the people of India and Australia alike. Suppose you look back at the timeline of the India national cricket team vs Australian men’s cricket team timeline. In that case, you will find that there were more than one can-remember instance when India met Australia head-on in any cricket match. For several years, we have witnessed the national teams playing and conquering the yards on the fields.

    For a change, in this article, let us find a few interesting aspects about the India versus Australia U-19 World Cup Final Date on which it was played, where teams watched the match, the teams, and other facts in the following paragraphs.

    The Match – Australia Takes on India U-19

    The game played on February 11th, 2024, at 1.30 IST, was the ninth title match for India. For Australia, it was the sixth title match.

    As soon as the match kicked off, the Indian U-19 survived a collapse of the top order. There were strategic knocks from Uday Saharan, the skipper, and Sachin Dhas, who helped the Indian team reach the final event and enjoy a win over South Africa.

    On the other hand, Oliver Peake, Harry Dixon, and Raf MacMillan helped Australia conquer Pakistan in a nail-biting semi-final match. The losing team missed by an edge and went on to take on the Indian U-19 cricket team.

    Events Leading to the Final Match

    Australia defeated Pakistan by a single wicket after Ali Raza weighed down heavily on the batters of Australia with a four-wicket haul. There was an exciting fight, so Pakistan was banking upon none other than Arafat Minhas and Raza. However, hats off to Australia, who managed to survive the low-scoring match, which was 50 overs.

    What has India Won in the Past?

    India has won five titles in the past, while Australia has won three. In 2010, the Australians claimed their victorious trophy when they defeated Pakistan. The match was played in New Zealand.

    India’s Performance

    India boasted of a power-packed performance, and the highlight was the 3, two hundred plus runs margin victory.

    Below, let us learn more about the squads that played on both ends.


    As far as India is concerned, the following players were included in the match.

    They include the following-

    • India

    Adarsh Singh, Arshin Kulkarni, Rudra Mayur Patel, Sachin Dhas, Musheer Khan, Priyanshu Moliya, Captain Uday Saharan, Aravelly Avanish Rao, Murugan Abhishek, Saumy Kumar Pandey. Others included Murugan Abhishek, Dhanush Gowda, Innesh Mahajan, Raj Laxmi, Aaradhya Shukla, Raj Limbani, and last but not least, Naman Tiwari.

    • Australia

    As far as the Assies team is concerned, the players included Hugh Weibgen, Lachlan Aitken, Charlie Anderson, mahli Beardman, Harkirat Bakwas, Tom Campbell, Harry Dixon, Sam Kontas, Ryan Hicks, Rafael MacMillan, Harjas Singh, Aidan O’Connor, Tom Straker, Ollie Peake, and Callum Vidler.


    Now you have a proper idea about India national cricket team vs Australian men’s cricket team timeline. These two teams have a long history of rivalry. Their matches have always been interesting to watch.

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