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    Is Bgmi Similar to Pubg Ban in India? Know All Details

    In the year 2020, the PUBG ban in India was outlawed. The BGMI ban in India brings back terrible memories for the community, even though no PUBG Mobile fans want to return there. Once PUBG Mobile would not be returning, the situation was resolved, and BGMI quite literally saved players. After being released last year, the game has seen tremendous success.

    The action followed the government’s two-year ban on many Chinese applications, including it is PUBG banned in India, due to concerns about national security. Internet behemoths Google and Apple pulled the BGMI gaming software from each of their online stores late this month in response to a directive from Delhi.

    What is BGMI? What Statement is Released by Google and Krafton?

    What do you think is playing PUBG illegal in India? PUBG Mobile was made illegal in India on September 2, 2020. After ten months, Krafton published the game Battlegrounds Mobile India.

    So, you must want to know is PUBG available in India. Then the answer is no. The biggest Chinese program that has managed to evade detection by relaunching and changing its branding while maintaining the same functionality is BGMI. Despite BGMI’s assertions that the issues the government had with PUBG Mobile have been rectified, there are rumors that not much has changed and that PUBG Mobile has simply been renamed BGMI in India.

    The authorities gave Google a formal order to take the game down. The company claims that after obtaining the injunction, it notified the affected developer and blocked access to the software that was still on the Indian Play Store in accordance with established protocol.

    While this was happening, Krafton also announced the news, stating, “We are clarifying how BGMI was taken from the Google Play store and the App store and will let you know soon we have exact information.”

    Why Was Pubg Ban in India?

    The government outlawed PUBG Mobile on September 2, 2020. So why PUBG is banned in India? India’s government decided to ban the mobile app for security grounds after a battle between Indian and Chinese soldiers in eastern Ladakh. It was re-released after ten months under the name Battlegrounds Mobile India. But the authorities are also investigating the game’s Indian version.

    Last year, PUBG Mobile was upgraded and made available as BGMI across the country. After being known as BGMI for less than a year, it surpassed 100 million registered users nationwide.

    After the government ordered Google and Apple to restrict BGMI, a few gaming companies petitioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for fair treatment to support the growth of the gaming ecosystem in the country.

    Other than the PUBG ban in India, Over 270 Chinese applications also have currently been blocked by the authorities. A couple of these applications made several unsuccessful attempts to enter India using different identities.

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