Pear Body Shape: Everything You Wanted to Know

    Women have 4 primary body shapes: hourglass, column, apple, and pear. Each of these shapes has its features and characteristics. Among these, today our topic of discussion is pear body shape. 

    What is Pear Body Shape?

    Similar to the shape of a pear, the pear body shape has some differences between the upper and lower parts. The upper part is narrower than the bottom part. Women with a pear body shape have smaller busts and shoulders than their hips, making their silhouette appear like a pear, which is why this body shape has such a name.

    It is undoubtedly the most popular body shape out there. A few celebrities with pear body shape are Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce. You need to remember that even if you have a pear body shape, you do not need to look a certain way. Different women have different body shapes . For example, some have muscular-shaped pear bodies, some have a plus size pear shaped body, or some have a skinny pear body shape. 

    The Characteristics of Pear Body Shape

    • A defined waist
    • Generally, wear a bigger size for bottoms than the top
    • Wider hips and narrower bust
    • Weight is mainly carried on the lower body

    How to Style a Pear Shaped Body?

    To style with this body shape, it is essential to understand its psychology. You must balance out the different proportions between the body’s top and bottom parts. It is ideal to accentuate the top portion of the body as hips and thighs carry more weight in this kind of body shape. You can follow the below-given tips and tricks:

    • Wearing fancy tops will help in maintaining this body shape. Eye-catching patterns with bright colours will highlight the upper body part. 
    • You should highlight the defined waist. It is better to avoid oversized or boxy tops. Instead, choose to wear well-fitted clothes.
    • You can also wear tops with shoulder sleeves or exaggerated pads to elongate the shoulder line. 
    • Dark-coloured bottoms with little details will be ideal as they will shift attention to the upper body part.

    Clothes for Pear Body Shape

    Do you find it challenging to find a suitable dress for your pear shaped body? Well, you should first concentrate on comfort. If a dress feels comfortable, you can focus on its other aspects. There are different kinds of clothes for pear body shaped women to choose from. Different clothes complement the outlook differently. 


    Dressing is the best option for women with a pear body shape if they want to show off their waist. Belted dresses with full skirts perfectly balance the lower and upper body proportions while simultaneously exhibiting curves. Choosing dresses with broader bottoms and a suitable neckline is ideal for women with pear bodies. Some unique dress shape ideas are X-line, belted, off-the-shoulder, empire, tulip, wrap, A-line, etc. 


    The top is essential for a pear body shape because it gains the most attention. Therefore, you are required to wear a suitable top. It can have different sleeve lengths, necklines, and lengths per your preference and needs. There are various top options that you can choose from. Some of these are off-the-shoulder tops, bus pocket tops, ruffle shirts, neck blouses, chunky knitwear, fitted shirts, crop tops, etc. All these tops will perfectly complement the pear body shape.


    Women with this body shape should wear pants with wide or straight leg cuts. Wearing tight-fitted pants is not ideal as it maximizes your lower body to bring the body out of balance. Some of the pants that women with pear body shape should wear are boot cut, cigarette pants, flare pants, and wide-leg cut pants. So, women with pear body type choose their pants carefully.


    When it comes to jeans, high or mid-rise jeans are the ideal option for pear body shape. On the other hand, a relaxed fitted pair with either a flare, wide-cut, or straight cut is an optimal choice. Similarly, you should avoid skinny or tight-fitted jeans like pants. Women with pear shape body must not wear jeans with large pockets on the sides as it will draw unnecessary attention. It is also essential to avoid jeans with bright colours embellishments.


    Skirts are essential apparel for covering the bottom part of the body shape. Wearing a fitting skirt will be an elegant choice. Choosing a suitable skirt can effectively add an elongated effect on your legs. This reduces the lower body’s weight and gives a more stretched appearance. Wear knee-length straight or A-line skirts if you want to create this effect. Women with pear body shape should avoid tight or breezy skirts as they will add volume to hips. Similar to jeans or pants, high or mid-waist skirts perfectly complement pear body shape. A few suitable shorts in this regard are a panelled skirt, flared skirt, wrap skirt, etc. 


    Women with pear body shape wear well-fitted shorts over tight shorts. Such shorts are perfect for displaying your curves without emphasizing much on your hips. High-waist or wide-cut shorts are the best option for a pear body shape. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to extending your legs, you can opt for knee-length shorts. 

    Work Outfits

    There are 2 types of work outfits for this kind of body shape that you should know about before wearing your preferred one.

    Classic Professional

    If you wish to look like a classic professional, then you need to wear a wide-leg or high-waist trousers with a bright blouse and structured blazer. The wide-leg trousers will balance out the hip and the blazer will provide some structure for pear shaped women.

    Smart Casual

    Wearing a V-neck sweater and an A-line skirt will provide the shape with a smart, casual appearance. You can also add a belt to emphasize the waist and wear ankle boots to elongate the legs.

    Casual Outfits

    If you are looking for weekend outfits, you can wear an off-the-shoulder top with high-waist jeans. Women with this body shape can also wear a brightly patterned tunic with dark leggings. Wearing knee-high boots will help elongate the legs. 

    More outfits ideas here.

    What are Some Do’s and Don’ts?

    There are some do’s and don’ts that you must follow while wearing dresses and clothes. Some of these do’s and don’ts are described below.


    1. Wear colourful tops with interesting necklines to draw attention to the upper body.
    2. Wear such clothes that will highlight your waist. 
    3. Wear V-line dresses and necks to make your upper body appear elongated.
    4. Wear high-waist skirts and pants.
    5. Wear straight-leg or boot-cut pants.


    1. Don’t wear tight skirts or skinny jeans.
    2. Don’t wear low-rise pants.
    3. Don’t wear tops which end at your hips.
    4. Don’t wear bulky or heavy fabrics.
    5. Don’t wear pencil skirts because they are too tight.


    Now you know your options for a pear body shape. But it is more about wearing something comfortable. Comfort should always be your first and foremost preference when choosing a dress for any occasion. As Audrey Hepburn rightly said, “Happy girls are the prettiest.” So if you feel comfortable wearing a dress, you will be happy and look pretty. 

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