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    Vijay Sales Plans to Increase Sales by 2 Times by 2025

    Vijay Sales, the brick-and-mortar company, had planned back in 2021 to aim to increase sales by two times by 2025. It fostered its online segment to keep pace with the existing market dynamics. This is how Vijay sales online emerged as prosperous.

    The Objective

    As stated by a top official, the company is trying to double its sales from INR 8,000 to INR 10,000 crore by 2025. As of 2021, the organization’s annual sales were recorded at INR 4,000 crores. Aside from the financial goal, it plans to increase the number of stores to 200 by the same year. As of 2021, there were 106 stores.

    Vijay Sales during the Pre-Covid Levels

    While talking to a reputed daily, the top spokesperson of the company said that Vijay Sales has managed to record sales that are almost equal to the pre-COVID levels. As of 2019, the recorded sales were at INR 4,000 crore.

    Growing Market

    The company believes that as the competition surges, there will be a growth in the market as well. The top executive once said that the company aims to grow the offline and online segments.

    Vijay Sales Online Segment

    If we see traditionally, the home-grown electronic retail chain is known for being a brick-and-mortar brand. To keep pace with the times, the company has also accelerated the online market division.

    Has Vijay Sales Adopted Any Measures for Online Marketing?

    In keeping with the trend of the virtual retail chains, Vijay Sales online made a mark for the Apple Days Sale.

    Apple Days Sales – Vijay Sales

    To make the company’s online presence felt, Vijay Sales announced sales in the consumer electronic chain by offering discounts, exchange bonuses, and bank offers galore. The sale started in December 2023 and continued until January 7, 2024. However, the sale offers applied only to selected Apple products. These included watches, AirPods, MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones. Let us glimpse these products below with a brief explanation about each product in general.

    • Product: iPhone 15 Plus

    1. Sale Price : INR 79,820
    2. Bank Discount: INR 4000
    3. Effective Price: INR 75,000
    • Product: iPhone 15 Pro

      1. Sale Price : INR 125,900
      2. Bank Discount: INR 3,000
      3. Effective Price: INR 122,900
    • Product: iPhone 15 Pro Max

      1. Sale Price : INR 149,240
      2. Bank Discount: INR 3,000
      3. Effective Price: INR 146,240
    • Product: iPad 9th Gen

      1. Sale Price : INR 29,900
      2. Bank Discount: INR 2,000
      3. Effective Price: INR 27,900
    • Product: iPad 10th Gen

      1. Sale Price : INR 36,430
      2. Bank Discount: INR 3,000
      3. Effective Price: INR 33,430
    • Product: iPad Air 5th Gen

      1. Sale Price : INR 54,680
      2. Bank Discount: INR 4,000
      3. Effective Price: INR 50,680
    • Product: MacBook Air M1

      1. Sale Price: INR 79,900
      2. Bank Discount: INR 5,000
      3. Effective Price: INR 74,900

    Aside from the above products, there are many other electronic products. You can keep a tab on the Apple Days Sale next year to find out the products you can avail of at discounted rates. So opting for Vijay Sales to get your desired purchase would be quite beneficial.

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