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    12th Fail: A Story of Success against All Odds

    India, a vast and populated country, has cutthroat competition in every aspect. It overemphasizes academic success and achievement through the lens of examination results. Along this path, the 12th board exam holds immense results in shaping a student’s future. But what if you fail the 12th Exam? Is your future doomed? The latest Hindi movie, “12th Fail,” explores precisely that. This movie talks about the inspiring journey of a 12th Fail who successfully cracks the most challenging exam in Indian, UPSC Civil Service Exam. It truly exhibits the power of resilience and persistence.

    Story of IPS Manos Kumar Sharma: Rising from Ashes Like a Phoenix

    The 12th Fail Movie is based on true story. It talks about the life of IPS (Indian Police Service) officer Manoj Kumar Sharma, his struggles, and how he became successful. Manoj hails from a small village in India and failed his 12th Board Exam. But this failure did not become a roadblock to his future success. Instead, it becomes the stepping stone towards his triumph. It worked as a catalyst for his self-determination and discovery. Despite all the societal stigma and expectations, he chose to rise against all odds and grab the glory. He moved heaven and earth and passed the UPSC exam, the toughest examination in India. Eventually, he became an IPS Officer.

    The 12th Fail movie amazingly delves into rollercoaster ride of Manoj Kumar Sharma. From the movie’s beginning, you see his poor and distressed condition. The social pressure and family conditions could not stop him from having a solemn resolve to rewrite his destiny. The film perfectly portrays all his hardships: social stigma, financial constraints, and the gruelling demands of UPSC. Despite all these odds and drawbacks, he eventually shines through. During this journey, he got unwavering support from his family, especially his grandmother, his mentor, Pritam Pandey, and his other friends.

    A Nuanced and Powerful Performance by Vikrant Massey

    The lead actor, Vikrant Massey, who plays the role of Manoj Kumar Pandey in the 12th Fail movie, is the linchpin. The success of this movie mainly rests on his shoulders. His powerful and nuanced performance did justice to capture the true essence of Manoj Kumar’s fight, determination, and success. Massey effortlessly portrays the role to its absolute perfection. There could not have been a better performance from him.

    The Powerful Performance by Supporting Cast

    Apart from Vikrant Massey, the powerful performance of the supporting cast of this movie also deserves notable mention. From police officer DSP Dushyant Singh (played by Priyanshu Chatterjee), who inspired Manoj to become like him, to his helpful grandmother (played by Sarita Joshi), who gave her lifetime savings for Manoj, everyone played their part amazingly well. There were his UPSC exam mentor, Gauri Bhaiya (played by Anshuman Pushkar), and friend, Pritam Pandey (played by Anant Vijay Joshi), who immensely helped him and should deserve their due credits. His girlfriend Shraddha (played by Medha Shankar) also stood by his side. All these supporting cast members did their job exceptionally well to bring this movie to life.

    A Message of Hope and Inspiration

    12th Fail is not just about Manoj’s success story but also about the larger picture. It brings hope and encouragement to all those who remain in doubt. Despite one’s societal condition and status, this movie exhibits that with enough hard work and effort, anyone can become successful in life. It shows that as long as there is life, there is hope. It promotes the message that one should always cash on their self-belief, resilience, and persistence. Your resolution to achieve success is more important than any other thing.


    12th Fail is a powerful depiction of hard work, effort, and hope. You will have a surge of motivation and inspiration as soon as you complete watching the movie. This film teaches us that failure is not permanent and we can always strive for success no matter what. Anybody can do amazing things, provided they put the right amount of effort and endeavour into it.

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