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    5 Reasons Why Yamaha R3 is the Best Sports Bike in India?

    Yamaha has always been at the forefront of sports bikes. The Yamaha R3 is an incredible member of the much-hyped R-series, combining style and performance. If you are searching for an ideal sports bike, you must consider this beast from Yamaha.

    Here are the top 5 reasons why going for the Yamaha R3 would be your best choice.

    1. Best Sports Bike for the Beginners

    If you are a beginner-level sports bike enthusiast, then the Yamaha R3 is the bike you must go for. This is undoubtedly the best sports bike in this genre available in the Indian market. This motorcycle is quite apt for Indian roads and tracks. Despite being a sports bike, it ensures your stability while riding. The R3 has a 50-50 weight distribution feature, giving you a better riding experience.

    2. Powerful Engine

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    3. Stunning Design

    The stunning design of the Yamaha R3 is another plus point you should consider while looking forward to buying it. Its elder cousin, YZF, inspired its design. At the front, R3 has eagle-like dual headlamps, adding some aggression. Overall, the design of this bike looks quite sharp, stylish, and modern. While riding, you are to get a comfortable and sporty riding position. The saddle height of this beast is 780mm, which will benefit short riders. On the other hand, even if you are above 6 feet, you can comfortably ride this bike without any issues. Overall, the bike looks edgy, sharp, and fresh.

    4. Functional Features

    The Yamaha R3’s brakes are powered by a 220mm disc at the rear and a 298mm disc at the front. These two brakes work perfectly in sync. There are telescopic forks at the front and a monoshock at the rear. For obvious reasons, it performs better on city roads. The Yamaha R3 in India has MRF Nylogrip tyres that are effective in cornering and braking. So, braking will be fine for you while riding this beast despite its high speed.

    5. Decent Pricing for a Sportsbike

    Yamaha R3 price in India is Rs. 3,51,00. It is not a cheap bike- no, it is not- but this price is decent and affordable for a sports bike. You would understand if you compared its price to other sports bikes in India. Despite the proper price, the Yamaha R3 top speed is 188 kmph. Hence, if you have a decent budget for a sports bike, then getting an R3 would be the best thing for you.


    The Yamaha R3 is one of the ultimate sports bikes you can get at a decent price in India. Every aspect of this bike is top-notch, including design, aesthetics, safety, comfort, mileage, and performance. On top of that, on Indian roads, this is one of the perfectly suitable bikes out there. Sports bike lovers and enthusiasts have been successfully riding this beast for a few years. You will find them positive even if you check online feedback and reviews. So what are you waiting for? Grab a Yamaha R3 and go on full-throttle.

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