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    Popularly known as Amul, the Anand Milk Unions Ltd is a cooperative organization established in Anand, Gujarat. As a result of this, it became one of the most successful companies in India. In 1946, Amul became more than just a brand; it became a movement. Farmers in Gujarat were given the confidence to Imagine, Desire, and Stay as a result of a grassroots initiative. It was founded on a desire to prohibit the misuse of Polson butter by intermediaries “Pestonjee Edulji.” India, which was formerly a milk-deficient country, has now become the world’s largest milk producer, thanks in part to Mr. Verghese Kurein, and Amul has played a significant role in this. Morarji Desai as well as Tribhuvandas Patel have indeed been seeking to unify the peasants and form an exploitative cooperative movement since he quit his government post. “Kaira Districts Co-operative Milk Manufacturers Union Ltd,” subsequently called “Amul,” sprang out of this. According to RS Sodhi, the company’s managing director, Amul is still a cooperative. Gujarat Co-operative Milk Supply Federation Ltd supervises it. In the FMCG sector, the company has a wealth of experience in the dairy industry. – Amul – The flavor profile of India Since entering the dairy industry, it has become well-known and respected all around the world.

    Business Model

    This approach aims to provide “value for the money to the consumers while also protecting the interests of agricultural producers.” Three-tiered packaging is used in Amul’s dairy industrial production: Milk producers and consumers are connected directly through Amul, eliminating the need for middlemen, allowing the company to provide products at low rates. Farmers (milk producers) are responsible for purchasing, processing, and marketing, and advertising milk products. Controlled by a pro along with taking after the producers, Amul has represented a tremendous impression in the marketplace with this version, as well as delivering cost-for-cash services to its clients.

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    Events and Marketing Strategies

    Indian commercial legend of the Amul girl is told in her voice.

    The Amul girl is the official mascot of its Amul logo, and she’s adorable. parody of a young average looking girl having blue hair and a ponytail, done by hand. A reaction to Polson’s butter-girl, Amul’s competitor logo, was designed in 1967. It’s the country’s longest ad campaign!

    The Strategy of Amul in Digital Marketing

    As the world becomes increasingly digital, every company wants to rethink its advertising approach. Like its rival companies, Amul has reduced its investment in television ads and has begun to focus more on internet marketing and advertising.

    • Amul is on Instagram & Fb –

    Amul’s move from offline to internet advertising has been very seamless. They’d previously been creating material for flyers and newspapers, and now they’re doing the same thing for their Facebook and Instagram posts. It’s Lady Amul Butter, the world’s most talked-about event, that inspires his most popular Instagram and Facebook posts. Draftfcb Ulka, a digital advertising agency, was recruited by Amul in 2013 to undertake marketing operations in the virtual and print domains. To educate Indian customers about the benefits of milk and its by-products, the event is being held. Since the dawn of civilization, milk has been devalued as a source of energy. Since milk and its whole dairy product range had to be reinvented, Amul’s marketing strategy concentrated on making it seem new and attractive to everyone. Furthermore, Amul developed images to educate its clients about the many circumstances in which they may consume Amul goods. a b (along with the numerous blessings of those merchandise).

    • Amul on Twitter –

    More than 335K Twitter followers may be a huge fan base because Twitter represents an exclusive platform in comparison to other social media structures like Facebook and Instagram there have been several occasions when Amul Butter used the smiling photo of a lady that was presented to them. Many individuals link to and share these photographs to precise their opinions on current events. An incredible way for brands to interact with their consumers is through the utilization of Twitter. Amul uses this to try to organize interactive activities such as competitions and sweepstakes. In addition, many individuals use Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction with vendors or items they have purchased. Amul claimed he would reply to tweets from consumers who were unhappy with his items via his Twitter account. Instead of ignoring or deleting the negative evaluations of its consumers, Amul takes them extremely seriously, because even in the existence of hundreds of people, attempts to resolve their clients’ issues on Twitter.

    • Amul is on Youtube –

    In addition, Amul has a popular YouTube channel called Amul Taste of India, which has a following of approximately 4.03,000 subscribers. The video was a classified ad that had previously been on television. During the Covid-19 epidemic, Amul launched a new promotional campaign called Simple Household Cooked Recipes, which was also pushed as “#Simple-HomeMade-Recipes” on social media. 


    On the list of the top a thousand manufacturing companies of Asia, Amul was placed first. Amul has gone a long way from being exploited by the middleman to being a must-have commodity for every Indian family. Amul’s path to success was paved with the development of powerful tactics that would touch the hearts of every Indian. Amul was able to establish a strong impression in the minds of its customers by subtle introductions of “Amul Girl” in current situations and publishing the same on every social media outlet. Celebrity endorsement has helped it attract many customers, and it has developed customer-friendly methods. With today’s worldwide epidemic, it needs to be practical and promote our products on the internet.

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