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    An Overview of Abha Card: Exploring the Significance of this Card

    Bringing all of your prior medical documents to an appointment with the doctor might be a nuisance. If you could store your medical information online, wouldn’t that be much easier? The government of India announced the ABHA card, a digital ID card for health care. Continue reading to learn more about the card and its advantages.

    What is the Health Id Associated with Abha Card?

    India’s government launched this card on September 27, 2021. Abha full form is Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Initiative. It gives every Indian resident a digital health ID that would make it easier to access their medical records was the mission’s goal. This 14-digit identification number on the Abha health card can be used anywhere in India. As a result, you can communicate with healthcare professionals across India without being constrained by geographical restrictions.

    Advantages of Abha Health Id

    The following Abha card benefits are available to you if you register for and obtain an ABHA health ID card:

    • You may examine all of your medical data, such as tests, diagnoses, medicine prescriptions, and more, with a few simple clicks.
    • Hospitals, clinics, doctors, and other healthcare providers have easy access to your medical records. You can therefore obtain medical care even in remote locations.
    • You can access the Healthcare Professional Register (HPR), a directory of all Indian physicians.
    • Also, you get access to the Health Facility Register (HFR), a directory of all Indian public and private medical facilities.
    • Moreover, AYUSH treatment institutions accept this card. Several treatments are available, including those from Ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, unani, Siddha, and homoeopathy.

    What You Need to Do to Register for an Abha Health Id Card Online?

    Online ABHA health ID card registration can be done primarily in two ways. Specifically utilising a driver’s licence or an Aadhaar card. Let’s quickly go over each of these approaches:

    • Using Aadhaar

    If your Aadhaar is associated with your mobile phone number, you may register for an ABHA health ID using that information. Authentication via OTP requires this. You can seek assistance from an ABDM participating institution if your mobile number and Aadhaar are unlinked.

    • Through Driving Permit

    The ABDM portal will only offer you an enrolment number if you use your driver’s licence. You must present your driver’s licence to a nearby ABDM partner facility to verify your identification.

    How to Get an Abha Digital Health Id Card Online?

    Following registration, you can download your ABHA digital health ID card. By following these two simple procedures, you can download your ABHA health card online:

    • Option 1: Log in to your account by visiting the NDHM website or the ABHA mobile app.
    • Option 2: Get your ABHA card by downloading the mobile app from the PlayStore, logging in with your login credentials, and then doing so.

    Final Words

    Having an ABHA card will significantly improve your ability to access healthcare. It allows you to effortlessly share your medical records with doctors across India and find medical facilities and specialists. Also, you can securely store your medical data and grant authorised person with necessary access.

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