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    BEL Share Price: Is It a Consistent Market Performer?

    As of June 20, 2023, the BEL share price NSE plunged 0.32 percent, recording a figure at INR 124.4 on a trading day. Reports suggest that the stocks attained a high of INR 125.65 and a low of approximately INR 123.95 during one of the trading sessions. However, in the closing session, the number was INR 124.8.

    One of the counters registered a total traded volume of shares with a turnover of INR1.87 crore on the BSE. The price-to-earnings of the traded stock was recorded in multiples of 30.47, and 5.14 was the price-to-book ratio.

    What does a higher price-to-earnings ratio mean?

    When the price-to-earnings ratio is high, it indicates that investors have agreed to shell out a higher price per rupee earnings given by the stock. This usually happens when it is stated that there is anticipation of better future growth of the stocks.

    What does the price-to-book value indicate?

    The price-to-book value implies the company’s inherent value. It also shows us the measure of the share price of BEL that the investors are willing to pay even if there is no growth in this business.

    BEL or Bharat Electronics Ltd belongs to the industry of Defence Contractor.

    What about the Promotor/FII Holding?

    It was seen that the promoters were holding a 51.14 percent stake in the company as of March 31, 2023. On the other hand, the overseas investors and the domestic institutional investors’ ownership recorded 16.42% and 25.42%, respectively. Know more about BEL share price NSE below.

    What was the scenario of BEL’s key financials?

    Reports suggest that the company’s consolidated net sales were INR6545.28 crore for the quarter that closed on March 31, 2023. This was a surge of about 55.4 percent compared to the earlier quarter. It registered INR4211.76 crore. It was up by 2.21 percent compared to the quarter just a year ago when the figure was INR6403.75 crore.

    The profit figure for the latest quarter was recorded at INR1382.02 crore. This was a surge of almost 19.74% compared to what it was during the same quarter in the past year. BEL share price is like to even go higher in coming months.

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