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    Employees are Designing the Workplace of the Future

    Everything around us is changing rapidly and for good. Our lifestyle, perspective towards life and many other things. It can be said that many conventional ways are changing with the point of moderation with more innovation and creativity. The business industry is developing with the help of advanced technology, and many approaches of business have changed from conventional to modern techniques. Similarly, employees, these days are also focusing on changing the workplace with creativity and innovation with the help of advanced technology as well as with their innovative ways of working. 

    In a conventional workplace, the main way of working for the employees was just following the instructions of their supervisors and maintaining a monotonous routine for workflow. This way of working may have helped to maintain a certain way of work performance and production quantity. But by implementing this conventional approach towards work, businesses have not witnessed much growth and development in the growing market. These days business needs innovative approaches and creative workforces who will grow the business with their efficient performance and invention. 

    Future Workplace Trends 

    Monotonous desk jobs, the same boring workflow, fewer interactions with colleagues, all these workplace conventional norms are changing. Employees these days want their own space in the office where they can reinforce their innovation and creative ideas and this is only possible when interacting with some other individuals with the same urge for creativity. Advanced technology has already made it easy for the workers to do the basic jobs within a very short period and the rest of the time these days employees emphasise diverse innovative ways to enhance work procedures. Few work future workplace designs which already have been implemented by a few larger organisations for their employees to develop a better work environment are below. 

    Spaces for Social Connection

    Most of the traditional workplaces sustain this belief that giving space to the employees is a waste of time as they don’t work much as providing their time on socialising rather than enhancing performance. But socialisation helps to improve brain stimulation which develops various creative ideas which can make the work simpler, time-efficient and effective. And interacting and discussing these ideas with others provide an employee with a chance to improve those ideas further. Therefore, current workplaces should give their employees a space for social connection where they can interact freely and reinforce innovative and creative ideas for growth. 

    Adopting “A Work from Anywhere” Model

    Every individual has certain ways to lead their life. Similarly, every employee has a different approach towards work. Organisations should support this different perspective towards work. Few individuals can work more efficiently with certain deadlines and time limitations. On the other hand, few people work more efficiently with their own time management techniques. Additionally, due to the pandemic, the adaptation of work from home with flexible time has also increased. And it is quite effective. The workplaces should provide this the chance to their employees of working from anywhere. For instance, employees who want to work from the office let them do that and also the employees who want to work from home without hampering productivity, the office should allow that too. 

    Transforming the corporate focus from ‘individual’ to ‘team’

    Most organisations aim to achieve some particular goal to develop their business and that becomes the main mission and vision for the business. In the meantime, most businesses forget to focus on their employees and their well-being. The workforce which is one of the main pillars of the business that puts their all efforts to achieve that particular goal, most of the office does not prioritise them. Therefore, modern offices should also focus on their employee’s well-being in both ways mentally and physically. 

    Future Workplace Design

    Morphing Configurations

    Satellite offices and hotdesking, both of them are the most demanding office designs by the employees. A satellite office is one of the most efficient designs for the workplace and is highly demanded by the employees. By this, employees will have their personal space and a creative environment from where they can work efficiently. A flexible workplace with innovative furniture and technological advances enables the employees to be more creative and productive. 

    Design Features

    Including innovative design features along with built-in smart systems for the workplace is quite essential for the current era. It will increase employee satisfaction which will automatically direct employees towards providing their best performances. Innovative design features like thermal conditions, daylight option, good air quality, refreshing work environment, including colourful objects, all these factors are important to reduce monotonousness and reinforce teamwork and motivation. Additionally, a workplace with future technology must-have AI (Artificial Intelligence) will also facilitate reducing fatigue from remote work. 

    Spatial Features

    Workplace design is constantly evolving and considering every aspect while designing a workplace is also an important factor to consider. Physical places for the employees that are pleasing and aesthetic to the eye are very important. For instance, non-toxic or dull wall paint, window covering, floor covering, and workstations. And not only designing these things in the office but also considering the cultural diversity while doing these things is also important. Additionally, including ergonomic furniture such as mounting boards, whiteboards, technologically advanced chairs which are fun and comfortable to use, all these components are important to design a future workplace. 

    In the upcoming days, the hybrid office will be one of the most emerging trends for organisations considering the well-being and performance of the employees. Providing a focus on production and business is important. But to enhance that product as well as grow and develop with innovation in the rapidly evolving moderate era, it is important for the offices to consider the implementation of hybrid workplaces. Hybrid offices enable employees to have their own space in the office where they can reinforce their innovation and creative ideas and interact with other individuals with the same urge for creativity.

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