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    10 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India 2022

    It should come as no surprise that Indians like cricket; it is one of the most popular, watched, and played sports in the country, with one of the largest fan bases of any sport globally. So many cricket fans are there in India that uses many fantasy apps.

    Fantasy Cricket App List

    • Dream11

    Featuring brand ambassadors like MS Dhoni, Jasprit Bumrah, and Hardik Pandya, Dream11 is one of the most popular Fantasy apps. Dream11 has over 11 crore users & pays out more than Rs. 25 crore in rewards every day.

    • Gamezy

    Gamezy, perhaps one of the greatest new cricket fantasy apps available in 2022, offers one of the best features, including a low withdrawal limit and various games to pick from aside from cricket.

    • My11Circle

    My11Circle is known to everybody interested in fantasy apps. With Sourav Ganguly, the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), as its brand ambassador, alongside Rashid Khan & Shane Watson, it’s clear that it’s one of India’s most excellent fantasy apps.

    • Paytm First Games

    Paytm First Games is a customized platform from the Paytm family that is one of the new fantasy apps in India in 2022 that you should try at least once. We know that the sport is trustworthy because Sachin Tendulkar is its brand ambassador, and Sachin has never advertised bad or harmful things to society.

    • MPL

    MPL, or Mobile Premier League, is another one of the best fantasy apps in India in 2022, with Indian skipper Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador. Whether users wish to enjoy fantasy football, fantasy cricket, or fantasy basketball, this platform has covered various other sports.

    • BalleBazzi

    BalleBaazi is just a new fantasy app that has recently gained popularity. Unlike some other fantasy platforms, BalleBaazi involves picking between Bowling Fantasy and Batting Fantasy, making it one of India’s new cricket fantasy apps.

    • 11Wickets

    The reality that this has over 30 lakh members on its network and has handed away more than one crore in prizes makes this one of the most popular fantasy games in the country and one of the top fantasy apps in India.

    • FanFight

    With over 60 lakh members and great incentives, FanFight is among the most well-known fantasy apps in the country. FanFight, on the other hand, is among India’s new cricket fantasy apps thanks to features like 20X higher prizes and 100 percent useful additional cash.

    • Nostra Pro

    Nostragamus Pro, also known as Nostragamus, is one of the new cricket fantasy apps in 2022, with one of the greatest fantasy cricket gameplays. Users may participate and receive incentives by simply predicting the match’s winner, in addition to building a fantasy team.

    • MyTeam11

    MyTeam11, a game that features Virender Sehwag, one of India’s most successful cricketers, is a must-have just on the top 10 fantasy app list. MyTeam11 is one of the most accessible platforms for the Indian people since it is available in nine different languages.

    If you want to win and earn a lot of money, then you should proceed to go for any of these fantasy cricket apps in the best way possible.

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