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    BHEL Share Price – An Overview

    BHEL or Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited is engaged in engineering and manufacturing across the globe. There are two segments that the company operates in, namely, Power and Industry. More about the company and BHEL share price in the paragraphs below.

    BHEL Stock and BHEL Share Price

    What does the company offer to its customers? It provides the following-

    • Nuclear power plants,
    • Thermal power plants,
    • Hydro power plants,
    • Gas-based power plants,
    • Solar power systems,
    • DG power plants,
    • Industrial systems,
    • Boilers,
    • Soot blowers,
    • Boiler auxiliaries,
    • Water treatment plants,
    • Desalination,
    • Castings and forging,
    • Industrial sets,
    • Pumps,
    • Compressors,
    • Condensors,
    • Heat exchanges,
    • Solar photovoltaic,
    • Automation control systems.

    Other services that BHEL extends include transmission control systems, software solutions, medium voltage vacuum switchgear, and many more.

    BHEL or Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited was set up in 1964 and is based in New Delhi, India. It is a mid-cap company and has a market turnover of INR17, 340.68 crores. As of 31st March 2022, the company records 348.21 crore shares outstanding.

    NSE BHEL Share Price

    Let us find out the BHEL share price and the returns for the BHEL share.

    As of June 10th, 2022, at 11:56 AM IST, BHEL’s share price was 2.17% down based on the previous closing cost of INR 50.5. BHEL’s share price was INR 49.60. Return Performance of BHEL shares-

    • 1 Week – BHEL share price was found moving down by 1.88%
    • 1 Month- BHEL share price showed upward movement by 2.69%
    • 3 Month-BHEL share price moved down by 2.74%
    • 6 Month-BHEL share price showed downward movement by 23.08%

    The Market Capitalization of BHEL stock is INR 17,253.62 Crore

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