Brihadeshwara Temple: Great Ancient Indian Architecture

    Brihadeshwara Temple is an outstanding example of a building that captures the culture of India’s Chola Dynasty. It is also a noteworthy Hindu temple that was constructed in antiquity.

    In 1010 AD, Raja Raja Chola I constructed Peruvudaiyar Kovil, also referred to as Brihadeeswarar Temple, Raja Rajeshwara, and Rajarajeswaram Temple. This historic shrine is located in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur district. Hindus adore the Brihadeshwara Temple, which they dedicate to Lord Shiva, also known as the God of Destruction. This temple is among the biggest in India and a magnificent example of Indian architecture.

    An Overview of the Brihadeshwara Temple

    This temple is the ideal example of the extraordinary heights the Chola emperors were able to reach in the area of construction. It shows Raja Raja Chola I’s supremacy and a tribute to Lord Shiva.

    The Brihadeshwar Temple is one of the most magnificent architectural marvels in the country. Brihadeshwara Temple built with massive walls, which date back to maybe the 15th century. Inside Brihadeshwara Temple, a tower that visitors and devotees alike refer to as Vimana. One of the world’s highest temple towers is Vimana. The Brihadeshwar Temple features a rounded apex structure crafted from stone carvings.

    More about its Structure

    At the entrance of the Brihadeeshwar Temple, there is a statue of a holy bull or Nandi, that is sixteen feet in length and thirteen feet in elevation. This idol is astoundingly crafted from a single rock cut.

    The granite for building the Brihadeshwar Temple may be supplied from the granite sources at Tiruchirapalli, located around 60 km from the western edge of Thanjavur.

    The Brihadeshwara Temple is commonly referred to as the “Big Temple.” In 2010, this temple celebrated its millennium. All year long, this temple is flooded with tourists who come to see the best exhibition of captivating architecture.

    6 Interesting Facts about the Temple

    Here are some unknown details regarding this Thanjavur Chola temple:

    1. The deity’s original name was Rajarajeshwar. Brihadeeshwara, also known as the Great Ishwara, was given the name by the Marathas.
    2. Granite is used in the construction of the main temple. It is estimated that around 130,000 tonnes of stone were utilized in its construction.
    3. There has long been a myth connected to this temple, according to which the main structure’s shadow never touches the earth. But scientists have shown this to be untrue.
    4. A single stone was used to create the figure of Nandi at the temple’s entryway.
    5. The main Vimanam, which rises to a height of 200 feet, is sometimes referred to as Southern Meru or Dakshin Meru.
    6. A picture of Raja Raja Cholan presenting himself to Lord Natarajar is there at the shrine. Without a doubt, this is the first royal picture ever.

    The Thanjavur, the largest structure built by the Cholas, Periya Koil, is visible from everywhere in Thanjavur. It is perhaps the only temple having this feature.

    This temple is a component of the “Great Living Chola TemplesUNESCO World Heritage Site. When the temple celebrated its 1000th birthday in September 2010, it gained national attention. India Post published a postage stamp worth one rupee to commemorate the 216-foot-tall Raja Gopuram, also known as Vimana. The Reserve Bank of India introduced a five-rupee coin.

    How to Arrive There Quickly?

    • By AIR

    Tiruchirapalli Airport is the closest airport to Brihadeeshwar Temple, located 65 km away

    • By RAIL

    The closest train station to this temple is Thanjavur.

    • By ROAD

    By bus, Thanjavur is easily accessible from the surrounding cities. Throughout the day, private and public buses often go to Thanjavur.

    Final Words

    With its magnificent architecture, necessary historical background, and lasting cultural influence, the Brihadeshwara Temple is a testament to the greatness of ancient Indian culture. It continues to evoke wonder and reverence in the hearts of people worldwide. It is a living witness to the Chola dynasty’s superiority in both engineering and creative creation.

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