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    If you are looking for a new innovative mode of teaching wherein your students will engage better in your sessions, is your best bet. Let us find out why this is so in this article. has proved to be a game-changer. With the help of this platform, you can develop interactive lessons and offer valuable feedback, aside from keeping tabs on the progress and performance of students.

    In education, JoinPD is proving to be a revolutionary tool for teachers and students alike.

    What is

    Join Pear Deck is a cutting-edge, professional platform for development programs tailored to educators. Several courses and tools are created by experts in education and technology so that the teaching and learning experience can be improved.

    With JoinPD, you will get better access to techniques and new approaches that can change how you learn things. This platform offers collaborative learning, which makes it different from the rest. The platform is meant for all, not just teachers but professionals in the education sector.

    The Features

    Let us find out the features of Join Pear Deck below-

    1. Draggable – The draggable feature of this tool makes it even more exciting and interactive. You can add drag-and-drop elements, including pictures, slides, and text boxes. With the feature, you can share your ideas in the classroom.

    2. Text – This feature will allow you to create interactive content. Use the labels, text boxes, and various text elements on the slides you prepare to frame questions instructions, and extend information.

    3. Multiple Choice Feature – One of the USPs of Join Pear Deck is the multiple choice feature. It is a game-changer. With the help of this feature, teachers can frame multiple-choice questions and work out four answers to select from.

    Since the MCQs provide quick results, the feedback is crucial for the students. Whether it is elementary school, college, or university, this feature will revolutionize how you teach your students.

    4. Web Feature – You might find it a hassle to switch from one tab to another during the virtual classroom classes. This feature lets you embed websites and web-based resources into your slides. This will enable you to access the website resources directly.

    5. Draw- This feature of will allow you to develop captivating and dynamic interactive lessons for the students. It equips educators to incorporate interactive components into the slides, letting students participate in the learning process.

    Joining the JoinPD

    Follow these steps for the same.

    1. Create an account with
    2. Choose the “Teacher Login “option.
    3. Log into your Microsoft Office 365 account. You can also use your Google account.
    4. Now install the Pear Deck for Online PowerPoint Add-in. Alternatively, the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on can also be used.
    5. Start creating your slides.

    This gives a boost to creativity and engages students so that they can better understand the study material. It also helps teachers label the diagrams, thereby enhancing the learning experience.

    What are the Benefits?

    1. The tool is easy to use for both teachers and students.
    2. Allows teachers to construct interactive, stimulating, and engaging lessons.
    3. Offers up-to-date information for the students.
    4. Equips students to better engage in peer-to-peer tasks and activities.
    5. The platform JoinPD is meant for all students, irrespective of their proficiency level or education style.

    In a nutshell, is an online versatile learning management tool for students and teachers alike so that they can interact seamlessly.

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