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    Google and Jio Delay their India Smartphone Launch

    In 2007, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited started its journey in the Indian market, founded by Mukesh Ambani. It is a national telecommunication brand that provides a national LTE network that covers 22 circles of telecom in India. In 2015 Jio started to provide 4G services for smartphone users. In 2019, due to the high demand for internet in the Indian market and increased number of internet users worked as a driver for the brand to launch ‘Jio Fiber’ which is a home service that offers television, telephone and home broadband services. Jio has also launched keypad mobiles at a very affordable price which will enable any person to use a mobile phone. In the Indian market, Jio is now one of the leading telecommunication companies. 

    After all these developments of the business, by establishing a partnership with Google, Jio has decided o launch a Googled-Powered Jio smartphone. As per various news reports, it has been noticed that the founder of the company, Mukesh Ambani declared that Reliance Jio will launch its next product, the Googled-Powered Jio smartphone in the market in the first half of September 2021. It will be the cheapest smartphone in the Indian market with all the basic features of a smartphone. The estimated price of the product is Rs 3500. CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai has stated that the main vision of this alliance with Jio is to provide affordable access to technical information for the people of India in their languages. This alliance aims to develop unique and innovative products and services for the specific requirements of Indian consumers. It will also empower technology businesses in the Indian market. 

    Delay in Launching Jio Smartphone

    Initially, it had been decided by Reliance Jio that the launch of the Google-powered Jio smartphone would be on 10th September 2021. The company has targeted over 300 million smartphone users in the Indian market. However, due to various reasons, Jio has postponed the launch of the new Jio smartphone and decided to launch it in November. The date still has not been fixed by the company. 

    The main cause of not launching the Jio smartphone as per the decided date is due to a wide shortage of components along with delays in shipment. As per several types of research and analysis, it has been observed that not only Jio but various other large brands have been also delayed their launch of new products in the market due to the same reason. The main challenges faced by the company are increased price and production issues. Due to the pandemic, the whole business industry had been suffering for a long time, and few are even still struggling. The Supply network is not as available and wide as before. Additionally, their demand for the price regarding providing services has also drastically increased. Shortage in power management like integrated circuits, sudden increment in the price of key components like processors, memory and logistics, all these issues have forced the company to delay its launch of the Jio smartphone. 

    Regarding the delay of the Jio smartphone launch, Reliance Jio has stated that this extra time on their hand will be beneficial for them in the context of mitigating the current semiconductor shortage in the global market. It can be understood that the key issues are sudden increment in the price of key components and shortage in the supply chain. Due to these two key reasons, many companies including Jio have delayed the launch of new products in the Indian market. 

    Head-industry intelligence of CMR, Prabhu Ram has stated that due to the current shortage in the supply chain, all the smartphone companies are trying to adopt new and effective strategies to cope with the situation. It is quite difficult for them to apply strategies for several issues like inadequate geographic launches and increased prices. As per the company statement, Jio is not completely immune to this critical situation, but with this extra time on hand, the company has been trying to implement new strategic approaches. And now it is being expected that the launch of the new Jio smartphone would be in November during Diwali, without missing out this time. Additionally, another factor that has been highlighted regarding this delay of the product is that the low price of the Jio smartphone has made it more difficult for the company to manage the issue of the increased price. One of the main attractions of this new Jio smartphone is that it is affordable and also providing a wide range of features a smartphone. 

    Key Features of the Jio Smartphone 

    This new Googled-powered Jio smartphone has a wide range of new features of a smartphone which people buy for 20 thousand and more. But this new Jio smartphone will provide all these features just within Rs 3500 to Rs 4000. One of the main features of this model is Android OS that is specially tailored for this model with 3GB and 2GB RAM options. This smartphone will have various language options, translation capabilities, a high-quality camera along with AR filters (Augmented Reality) and an effective support system for Android updates. Along with all these features, Google has also contributed its special features for this smartphone such as Google Assistance, automatic screen text read-aloud, and several others. And the most attractive part is that all these features are within affordable price. It also has been discussed that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 CPU that supports a 4G internet connection would be included for this new Jio smartphone. Additionally, initially, it has been decided that the internal storage of the smartphone will be with 3GB and 2GB RAM options, but later Jio also may provide options for internal storage with 32GB and 16GB models. As per the information provided by the company, it has been expected that the new Jio smartphone model will have a display of 5.5 inches along with HD quality. GPS, Bluetooth 4.2, eMMC 4.5 storage all these features will be included in the Jio smartphone.

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