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    How to Download Instagram Stories – 5 Methods to Explore

    The Instagram Stories do not remain beyond 24 hours. As such, if you don’t save them, you risk losing the stories you have so painstakingly built. So, you can follow a few of these methods that will ensure you do not lose them at any time. So, go through the steps to know how to download Instagram stories

    Five Easy Methods for Saving Instagram Stories – Find the perfect Instagram story saver

    Check out these five ways of doing the same. 

    1. Saving stories in web-based app

    These days you will come across many such web-based apps like Instagram story downloader and tools that will help you. The tool must save all the elements that make up the Instagram story, like videos and photos. One such app is the EmbedStories, as featured on Outlook India, treated as ideal tool for those who have to manage multiple accounts on Instagram.

    2. Archiving Stories in Instagram app

    This is an excellent way to save your Instagram stories, provided it is present as a setting in your app. This app will allow you to use the Archive option that will save all the Instagram stories automatically. 

    3. Instagram Story download on iPhone

    Saving your Instagram stories to your iPhone is simple and easy. Follow these steps-

    • View your story
    • Save the story by tapping on the three dots at the bottom
    • Choose “Save Photo or Video” to save them individually
    • Select “Save story” as a single video

    Although this method is easy and straightforward, the only disadvantage is that you have to save the videos individually and manually. 

    4. Save Instagram Stories in Highlights

    Another method of Instagram story download online is to store your stories in a section called Highlights. This is present in your profile. It works similarly to the Pinterest boards. Features of the same include-

    • You can access them easily in the different categories
    • Allows you to highlight the testimonials of customers
    • Highlight unique products or services
    • You can also add a FAQ section if you are using it for your business. 

    5. Save and Share Story as Post

    You can save your Instagram stories in your account and on your Instagram feed. All you must do is follow these steps below-

    • View the active story you want to save
    • Tap on the three dots at the bottom and click on “Save.easy.”
    • Select the post and share the same

    The story or the video you intend to save will be seen in your Instagram feed, and even your followers will be able to see them just like they do any other post of yours.

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