How to Setup and Utilise Google Chrome Reader Mode?

    Google Chrome doesn’t have a Reader Mode at first glance. But if you look closer, the feature is there in Chrome’s features. Here is a tutorial on turning on Chrome reader mode.

    Pages are presented in Reader Mode in a streamlined layout for simple reading. The tool provides a more readable format and works well with articles and other related content. It needs to be clarified why Google needs to hide the feature. Finding the correct settings provides you with an understanding of where to search.

    Does Chrome Have a Reader Mode?

    You might discover a reader mode in chrome when using another web browser, such as Microsoft Edge. When you browse a website with this mode enabled, the page will only display the article content in the center and have a light backdrop colour. You will enjoy reading without interruptions from other nonsense material.

    Yes, Chrome has a reader mode. This option is already included in Chrome. However, it is only sometimes active. In Google Chrome, you must manually enable reader mode.

    We’ll demonstrate how to activate Google Chrome reader mode and how to utilize it to improve your reading environment in the following information.

    How Can You Enable Chrome Reader Mode?

    Chrome requires two steps to enable Chrome reader view. Here, we’ll walk you through a complete manual.

    Step 1: First, Upgrade to Chrome

    You should maintain your Chrome web browser updated before turning on Reader Mode.

    1. Launch Chrome.
    2. The top-right menu will have a 3-dot menu, so select it.
    3. Select Google Chrome’s Help > About link.
    4. Chrome will automatically look for updates and launch one if anything is found.

    Step 2: Turn on Reader Mode

    1. Underline the address bar and substitute flags for settings and help.
    2. To proceed, hit Enter.
    3. Enter reader mode into the top search bar, and the result will appear immediately.
    4. Select Enabled by expanding the choices in the Activate Reader Mode section.
    5. In the bottom-right corner, a Relaunch button will show up. To modify and take effect, you must click it and restart Chrome.

    Chrome now has Reader Mode activated.

    How to Use Chrome’s Reader Mode?

    The reading mode icon won’t appear right away. To access this reader mode in Chrome, you can navigate to a page that is accessible. We’ll now walk you through using Chrome’s reader mode.

    For example, let’s look at the Windows 11 installation page that stopped at 35%. On this screen, we recognize the Start reader mode button adjacent to the search bar’s right border. To open the current page in reader mode, click it.

    You could also install Chrome reader mode extensions to improve your reading experience. You have two options here: Chrome reader mode android and Chrome mobile reader mode. If you want to find them, you can do it yourself.

    You can install them in Chrome by clicking the Add to Chrome button when you encounter them on the Chrome online shop page.

    Bottom Line

    You must understand how to utilize and enable Chrome reader mode. A reader mode extension typically has more power than the snap-in tool. For instance, you can choose how Chrome’s reader mode is customized. A Chrome extension can be added later.

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