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    LeadsArk Affiliate Program Review 2022 – Is it a scam?

    Before we can find out is LeadsArk a scam or real, the ones who are new to the idea must know what is LeadsArk. LeadsArk is an online program/course selling platform set up just a year ago by the owner, Ayaz Mohammad. What is the online course about? It is about lead generation, and the program aims at teaching you how you can generate 20 to 30 leads organically without shelling out a single penny for paid advertisement. More about it in the rest of the article. 

    LeadsArk affiliate program – How does it work?

    The owner of LeadsArk is Ayaz Mohammad, and he is an internet and affiliate marketer. With just four-plus years of experience, he claims that he has been able to earn more than USD 30000 in just a year. 

    First and foremost, LeadsArk is not a program related to affiliate marketing but a multi-level and network marketing platform. It is a platform where the online course is sold, and if you can sell the course, you get a 70% commission through affiliate marketing

    The cost of the single product is approximately INR4000. When you sell for the first time, you get a commission of INR2800. Apart from this, if your referral individual makes a sale on the affiliate link, you earn an additional 10% commission on that sale. You can check out for Prints4sure custom wall art.

    What are the different types of LeadsArk affiliate products/plans?

    The platform has the following products to offer. These are as follows-

    1. LeadsArk Lite cost of which is INR2000 plus GST
    2. LeadsArk Standard- INR3500 plus GST
    3. LeadsArk Pro – INR 7000 plus GST

    As per LeadsArk review, you can try out the content if you wish to after reading well between the lines.  But how will you join the LeadsArk affiliate program? You must invest or purchase any of the courses mentioned above. Only members can promote LeadsArk through affiliate marketing, and the essence is multi-level marketing.

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