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    New Google Lens Features Have Been Added to Chrome for Desktop

    Google lens is an intelligent camera that can understand what it sees. Google lens for translation is a new Google app which can translate text in real-time. It is one of the most innovative Google products. It is an intelligent camera that can recognise objects, text, and scenes in the real world. With Google Lens, you can learn more about what you see through your phone’s camera. All you need to do is point your camera at the text, and the app will translate it into the language you are viewing.

    This is an excellent tool for people who are travelling or have limited knowledge of a specific language. Google lens has been designed to be used with Google photos and other apps like Google maps, which means that you can use it on any device as long as you have an internet connection. It is a revolutionary app that allows you to translate text in real-time.

    Google Lens can also get more information about any object you point your phone at. The Google lens app is perfect for travellers looking for things in their language or people who want to learn more about the objects around them. With the Google lens translate, people will be able to translate anything they see on their screen into another language and vice versa without downloading an additional app or using the internet browser on their phone.

    Key Features of Google Lens

    • New Places Filter
    • Text Pronunciation and Word Translation
    • Homework Helper
    • Quick Access to Restaurant Ratings and Reviews
    • Produce Quick Book Summaries by Scanning
    • Tracking Pages
    • Adding Business Contact
    • Finding details about Any Random Objects
    • Adding Events on Google Calendar

    New Google Lens Features

    • Now you can copy text from any paper to your laptop.

    One of the biggest problems in this digitalised world is transferring handwritten notes to your laptop or tab. You have to type it entirely again on your computer. But, Google has found the best solution for this. With Google Lens, you can directly copy-paste your handwritten text from paper to your laptop. When selecting text with Google Lens, You may now press “copy to computer” to swiftly transfer it to another Chrome-enabled device. This is useful for fast copying and pasting handwritten notes into your computer without retyping them all. You have to have the latest version of Google lens Chrome for desktop.

    • Cope and translate text directly from image

    We all somehow faced this issue, copying text from images. With the new version of the Google lens, you can easily copy text directly from photos. Not only you can copy them from pictures, but you will be able to translate any language direct from images.

    • Learn new words and its pronunciation

    Another innovative Google Lens feature is learning new words and their pronunciation by scanning. No complicated procedure; just scan the page from where you want to know any particular word, and Google Lens will do it for you.

    All these features have really made Google Lens quite useful for the users. It saves your time and makes you perform various tasks.

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