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    Omicron Variant Of Covid-19 – What We Know So Far

    The World Health Organization is at present coordinating with many scientists and researchers across the globe to understand the new Covid strain better. The studies are being carried out to understand the nature of omicron’s transmissibility, how severe the infection can become, the symptoms, and whether the vaccines and diagnostic tests will perform as expected, and lastly, the effectiveness of the treatments. 

    New variant of Covid-19- Strategy of the government to manage Omicron

    When the two cases of Omicron in Karnataka were reported through genomic surveillance, the government revealed its strategy and also gave updates of the new variant. As far as the symptoms of the new covid strain are concerned, there are mild symptoms. 

    Covid 19 symptoms we know include the common signs that are mild to moderate and severe, with many people being hospitalised as well. 

    This is also in tandem with the emerging data obtained from the other countries where cases have been reported. However, omicron is found to be more transmissible than other variants like Delta, etc., but the symptoms are mild. 

    Effectiveness of the Covid vaccines

    The government has said that researchers still must isolate strains, test, and culture the same in the laboratory to find out about the effectiveness of the vaccines. 

    How to tackle the new variant?

    The government has said that the so-called universal vaccine is still wearing masks, using sanitisers, and abiding by the protocols of Covid-19 SOP. Also, the government has said that there is no need to go into a panic. Practising hygiene is of utmost importance. 

    Vaccination is perhaps the best tool to tackle the new variant. But the coverage of vaccination must increase for all. To some extent, the efficacy might get dented with Omicron, but that may not pose to be a serious health problem if you consider the larger picture. 

    The possibility of using a booster vaccine dose cannot be ruled out. The government is, however, not planning to impose a total lockdown immediately. 

    Omicron might change the course of the pandemic

    There are few features of this new variant with several mutations that researchers say might alter the course of the pandemic, according to the chief of WHO. The new variant that started in South Africa has now spread its tentacles in more than 57 countries, and this strain can spread faster as compared to the other strains. 

    According to the Chief scientist of the World Health Organization, Soumya Swaminathan, it is not right to say at the moment that the new Omicron variant will reduce the effectiveness of the vaccines. The World Health Organization has asked all the countries that surveillance, sequencing, and testing must be carried out so that more and more data can be collected.

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