PharmEasy – Acquisition of Medlife and More

    Medlife stopped its operation, with its users migrating to PharmEasy. With the help of the PharmEasy app, more than 2 million households will be able to get their medicines delivered to their doorsteps now. Medlife has been acquired by PharmEasy for an amount that has not been disclosed, as revealed by the unicorn. This deal has made PharmEasy one of the biggest online domestic pharmacy segment players. It has a combined entity and is set to serve more than 2 million consumers a month. More about the company’s mode of operations is below.

    PharmEasy – Operations

    The PharmEasy founders include Dharmil Sheth, a co-founder, Dhaval Shah, and Saumil Parekh, head of growth. The company makes use of apps, technology, and mobile to deliver the best to its users.

    The company puts in all effort to reach out to the customers on time with the best possible products and by adopting a business model that is transparent and strives to educate customers about medicines and healthcare products at the same time. Although the PharmEasy competitors may try to catch up with them relatively soon, the services offered by PharmEasy will always enjoy an edge over others due to their prompt services.

    This is how their business model works. Take a glimpse of the same here below.

    • Step-1

    First, you need to upload the prescription. The moment you submit it, the company receives it, and they verify the same based on the criteria that they enlist or specify. The prescription is then sent to a pharmacy close to your place of residence.

    PharmEasy has a tie-up with many pharmacies with qualified and educated pharmacists that scan thousands of products that can be provided to you that are relevant and provide relevant information about your medicine.

    • Step-2

    The delivery agent will collect your prescription and get the same validated at the store. Many laws govern the sale of medicines. As such, the sale is carried out under the tutelage of the pharmacist based on a prescription by a medical practitioner who is registered with the medical body.

    The pharmacist will collect the required medicines. If the prescription contains salt names instead of brand names, you will receive a call from the pharmacist to provide information about substitutes available and counsel. The order is dispatched after the prescription is verified. You will receive the medicines in a special pack with a seal of PharmEasy.

    • Step-3

    The delivery agent of the company will collect the package and deliver the same to your doorstep. You can make the payment of the medicines either in COD or cash on delivery mode, online, or via apps.

    The company has made purchasing medicines easy and a hassle-free process that will benefit the disabled or people primarily with limitations in stirring out of their houses.

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