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    Pinterest Supports Body Acceptance by Prohibiting Any Weight Loss Ads

    For a very long period, many individuals have been facing discrimination, violence, and harassment based on many factors such as skin color, race, sexual preferences, and body shape. All these are pretty significant social matters that should be prioritized by the people of every generation in the current era. Even in the modern era, it is still essential because many individuals still struggle to sustain their lives after facing bullying and harassment. And one of the main factors of that is body shape. 

    We live in the 21st century and consider ourselves a highly advanced and modern people and have adopted every type of development. In a digitalized era, we connect through social media platforms and spread awareness via various online platforms. But, these social media platforms, which have now become one of the main parts of our daily life, are the primary source of bullying and harassment. It has been observed that a minimum of 50% people all over India face body shaming every day, and most of it is on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

    Pinterest Bans Weight Loss Ads

    Social media platforms, platforms explicitly like Instagram, have set quite unrealistic and cynical beauty standards, and not only for women but also for men. These days, both men and women have a pretty hard time facing bullying based on their body weight and shape. Now, it has become crucial for us to protest against this bullying and harassment and help those individuals and help ourselves develop a better society. 

    Pinterest has stood up and taken the initiative against body shaming based on body weight and shape. Pinterest has prohibited any weight loss ads through its official website. Head of the company’s policy, Sarah Bromma, stated that ‘currently a wide number of people are facing challenging time associated with their body image which is also highly negatively impacting their mental health. It is happening specifically as an aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdown when people are trying to socialize after a long time. Individuals face a huge pressure to re-join their social circle in a perfect form.’ Every individual has been through a lot for the past two years, and we need to embrace ourselves as we are and be proud of ourselves as we successfully overcome a pandemic. Due to these reasons, Pinterest stepped up and became the first company to ban any weight loss ads on their website completely ban any weight loss ads on their website. 

    Yes, we need to stay healthy and fit, but we must remember that mental well-being is the priority. We choose how we want to live. Chubby or slim, over-weight or under-weight, all these factors can be managed efficiently if we are mentally healthy and support each other. It is your body, and only you have the right to choose how you want to live with it. Do not let anyone else say anything else to you.

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    Daniyel Chatterjee
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